Bell Helps Stop Snoring Spray 0.3 fl oz

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HELPS STOP SNORING and is effective in four out of five users! Bell's Stop Snoring Spray is a natural fast acting remedy – a blend of over sixteen essential oils and herbs in compact easy to use pump action spray. Clinically tested by leading Ear Nose and Throat specialists and just three sprays towards the back of the throat last thing at night gets to work immediately to coat and tone the soft tissue, preventing vibration and hence snoring. Ideal for snoring sufferers with hectic lifestyles. The handy spray can be used at home or while travelling and offers up to seven weeks peaceful sleep.

 Prevent snoring
 Six years extensive research 
 New improved proven formula 
 Effective immediately

Suggested Dosage:

Use once daily, before going to sleep.  Simply tilt head backwards and open mouth wide.  Keeping bottle upright, point black spot on spray bottle up to mouth.  Spray 3 times directing spray towards the back of the throat.  Swallow and repeat procedure.  


Peppermint oil (leaf), lemon oil (peel), clove oil (leaf), scotch pine oil (needle), sage oil (leaf), eucalyptus oil (leaf), thyme oil (leaf), lemon balm oil (leaf), English lavender oil (flower), mastic oil (gum exudate), fennel oil (aerial parts).


Serving Size: 6 sprays

Servings per Container: 21