Cardamom Seed Powder - Organic

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Cardamom, Powder

Ellettria cardamomum

The exotic flavor of Cardamom is often associated with the fragrant, spiced Masala Chai tea blend. In traditional herbalism, the aromatic spice is also a well-known digestive aid and warming circulatory tonic. NOTE: We carry the whole green pods or fruit with the seeds inside.

The unique flavor of Cardamom is described as a “hint of clove, the spiciness of Ginger with overtones of vanilla and citron”. It is this tantalizing essence that makes Cardamom a popular ingredient in everything from coffee, to curries, to desserts and even ice cream. 

COMMON NAMES: al-Hayl, Alachi, Elaichi, Ceylon Cardamom, Green Cardamom, Kardamom, Sukumel.