Cedar Bear Xodine Colloidal Iodine 1 fl oz

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A 'true' Glycerite of Natural USP grade liquid Iodine.  
• Iodine Derived From Deep Sea Source (Vegan).
• Transformative (Non-Toxic) Elemental 'Nascent' IIodine.
• Meets Kosher Iodine and Halal Iodine Standards.
• Contains No Inefficient Iodide Form of Iodine.
• High Elemental Iodine Uptake & Tissue Saturation.
• When Used Topically Does Not Sting or Burn.
• Daily Maintenance Dose (3 drops) = 1,796% of RDA.
• 15 ml (1/2 oz) Bottle Lasts 3 Months For 1 Person.

XODINE liquid iodine is Cedar Bear Naturales™ brand of standardized nanocolloidal nascent iodine matrix manufactured by CBN-Labs™, a unique transformative bio-elemental matrix product made using the revolutionary Pureodine™ process. A proprietary nano technology driven endeavor, the 1st generationPureodineprocess – the lab-grade manufacturing technology for making the XODINE transformative nanocolloidal glycerite of iodine is now in its 3rd generation of commercial improvements and enhancements, many of a unique and highly innovative IP driven nature.

Iodine is an integral and essential part of healthy DNA integrity (both developmentally and throughout life), immunity, metabolic balance, endocrine function and cardiovascular health. Fact is, there is an 'iodine deficiency' crisis! Over 50% of the population is either deficient in iodine and/or shows subtle to profound symptoms of iodine/thyroid related deficiencies. Proper iodine enriched thyroid and healthy tissue levels of iodine throughout the body are a major protective factor against immune incursions, the effects of environmental contaminants and rising levels of planetary-based radiation pollution, as well as catastrophic radiation events (e.g. nuclear reactor meltdowns, etc.).

The manufacture of XODINE iodine is State licensed, meets Federal regulatory standards, is cGMP/HACCP compliant and lab grade. (Raw elemental iodine is a controlled substance both at a State and Federal level.) The licensing, approvals and regulatory documentary procedures are involved, exacting and costly. Cedar Bear Naturales made the decision to pursue the licensing, approvals and incur the ongoing regulatory documentary process for Pureodine™ process manufacturing of XODINE transformative nanocolloidal iodine due to its highly unique and proprietary nature and that XODINE liquid iodine is a perfect fit with Cedar Bear Naturales products and philosophy of natural health regeneration and well-being. Yes! the raw certified USP grade iodine used in the making of XODINE transformative nanocolloidal nascent iodine is derived from all-natural deep sea vegetative sources.

Because of its highly reactive nature, pure (mono elemental) iodine is not found in nature per se', but is bound up in combination with other elements as a compound. Some of these compounds are Calcium + Iodine, Sodium + Iodine, Potassium + Iodine, all as iodides or iodates, which in these strongly bound forms have been shown to only have an approximate 20% uptake into the various tissues of the body, making them biologically inefficient forms of iodine supplementation that's also harder to dose monitor than a mono element-based 'nascent' iodine.

These 'natural' mineral-combined (as rock deposits) and plant linked/crosslinked bound forms of iodine, as iodides (and iodates), are typically so strongly bonded to other minerals and/or cross-linked cellulotic polysaccharides that the iodine is often rendered inert, meaning that the iodine molecule's ability to interact biologically is arrested/blocked resulting in its absorption and tissue uptake into the body not being able to take place. As mentioned, sea weed's non-digestible highly crosslinked cellulotic mucopolysaccharide's binding effects on iodine release and absorption in the body, and iodine's strong binding to non-digestible calcium carbonate (caliche) deposits, are excellent examples of two very commonly available yet inefficient release/absorption sources of iodine-based supplementation.

Where biologically-based clinical and supplemental efficiency considerations are concerned, both neccessitate that nature's bound forms of iodine (as iodides and iodates) first be separated, clarified and purified from the other binding components and/or impurities into a USP grade mono elemental iodine (as certified USP resublimated iodine crystals). In this purified crystal form, iodine (now a regulated 'pure' substance) is a highly reactive and toxic substance. This is the main factor that typically requires the use of an iodide to dissolve and partially gentle this form of pure elemental iodine. However, when purified USP iodine crystals are subjected to the Pureodine™ process the iodine becomes nanocolloidalized and transformed into a non-toxic nascent form of elemental iodine (also referred to in some circles as monoatomic iodine), without the addition of iodides!  From a clinical and supplemental perspective this latter point has important and far reaching ramifications unique to the transformed mono elemental Pureodine™ processed nascent iodine product.

The iodine/iodide-based products (e.g. Lugol's solutions... Iodoral, Iosol, Sea-Adine, Kent Marine, etc.) and variations thereof (both liquid and dried), have been so widely recommend because it was the best thing out there..... until XODINEiodine!  

The prevailing, and now outdated, concept is that in-vitro manufctured iodine/iodide is the only good (and 'relatively' safe) iodine preparations out there.  But, as previously noted, the science shows that this standard iodine/iodide combination is only recognized and utilized by 20% of the tissues/organs of the body.  The assertion that the body most benefits from an in-vitro prepared iodine/iodide mix is, intended or not, based on supposition and over simplified assumptions. The physician authors publishing that in-vitro manufactured iodine/iodide products are preferred by the body do not reference any verifiable science-standardized clinical studies and/or scientifically-based biochemistry studies to support this assertion. It is a highly subjective assumption made without proper scientific verification. What has been scientifically verified is that the body uses IODINE! Look up any anatomy book or physiology text.  Never do they say iodine/iodide. They always say iodine! From a scientific perspective and applied clinical/supplementation considerations this is a very important distinction. 

The problem that has clouded the issue and caused these highly assumptive assertions to be made is, in its pure non-transformed elemental form (whether as crystals or as dissolved solutions) iodine is intrinsically toxic, especially for dietary supplemental use, and no one, until the introduction of the Pureodine™ process for making a transformed pure elemental nascent iodine product, had overcome this problem with mono elemental iodine on a consistent and stable basis, so that over time the popular consensus of in-vitro based iodine/iodide use evolved to lugols (and its various iterations) being the only way to go, regardless of context-based scientific considerations or not.

Even "Atomidine" (a form of nascent iodine possessing low intrinsic stability) and its variants possess problematic factors as regards intrinsic product stability and potential cytotoxic effect for mono elemental iodine based products, and additionally, the fact that these products typically contain and/or are made with alcohol, which itself possesses high REDOX factors and contributes to quickly destabilizing the iodine content of these products, especially after they have been opened and exposed to the atmoshpere. Intrinsic stability and low-to-no cytotoxic effects are an absolute consideration where iodine loading and/or long term supplemental use are concerned

Amazingly, it seems that the fact the body is able to in-vivo synthesze/combine other minerals with elemental iodine into its own unique 'body-wise' iodides of calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium has been completely overlooked due to the problem of making a commercially viable source of a low-to-no toxic mono elemental nascent iodine matrix. Pureodine™ processed XODINE iodine breaches this age old problem by providing a viable non-toxic source of elemental nascent iodine that the body is able to efficiently turn into its own body-wise carrier (and tissue storage) mineral iodides for easy biological utilization throughout the body.

This is a remarkable distinction as regards 'iodides.' In-vitro manufactured or naturally occurring iodides are much less efficient and harder on the hepato/endocrine system than the body's own in-vivo bio-manufactured body-wise carrier mineral iodides in-vivo synthesized from transformative mono elemental nascent iodine. 

Now there is a mono element iodine product... called XODINE! It's safe – so why not give the body what it needs, prefers and uses?   I O D I N E ! 

Further, in-vitro prepared Iodides or iodates are not what is essential for normal DNA sequencing and a healthy developing fetus into a baby to be born - Iodine is.  In-vitro prepared Iodide is not what mixes with tyrosine and histidine and becomes a naturally occurring anti-cancer agent in the body - iodine is, and so on and so on. XODINE iodine is the kind of non-toxic mono elemental-based nascent iodine that the body needs, craves and prefers – because the body prefers to make its own iodides, in-vivo, as the need arises and purpose dictates and, as nature intended!

Therefore, the Pureodine™ processed XODINE iodine makes a secondary in-vitro made form of iodine, such as potassium iodide, unecessary (both as a dissolving aid and a strong binding bufferer). This is because the Pureodine™ process has a transformative effect on the pure elemental iodine itself, making it low-to-no toxic, non-irritating to tissues/mucosal linings (e.g. low-to-no cytotoxicity), and more bio-available as an elemental-based nascent iodine matrix. XODINE iodine efficiently enters the blood stream and disperses throughout the body being converted, in-vivo, into carrier iodides, then back to elemental iodine and then recombined with specific proteins into hormones, immune factors or as safe tissue stores of iodine reserves for later use, especially during times of immune incursions, stress, trauma or a catostrphic radiation causing event. 

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    Cedar Bear Xodine Colloidal Iodine .5 fl oz

    Posted by Genevieve Truxes on 28th Aug 2017

    I love this product! For me, this is probably the best thyroid product out there!

  • 5
    Great product, excellent customer service. Thanks

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2016


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    Posted by Carla on 22nd Jun 2016

    Great product, amazing customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2015

    I love this product. I have a huge goiter and several nodules. I believe they are shrinking because I no longer have the coughing and choking issue.

  • 5
    Great stuff!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2013

    Nascent iodine was recommended to me but I was unable to take it due to the alcohol content. I am chemically sensitive so there are many supplements I cannot tolerate. Xodine works well for me. I have been on it for several months.