Cobalt Blue Glass Roll-On Bottle

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Cobalt Blue Glass Roll-On Bottle (10 ml)

These 10ml essential oil bottles can be used as containers for perfume oils, essential oils, lip gloss or home remedies. It is highly resistant to breakage caused by dropping. The tightly fitting black cap ensures the content is safe and intact from most external storage factors. With the roll-on neck, it provides a profound mechanism to precisely dispense liquids in small amounts. This glass roller bottle is highly recommended for the containment of liquid ointments. Applying the liquids on the skin and any surface of interest is easy and effective with the roll-on tip.

Key Benefits

  • Cobalt Blue glass allows easy identification of liquids contained in the bottle.
  • Perfect for businesses selling ointments for headaches, perfume oils, or essential oils.
  • Rigid and strong for extra durability

Suggested Use

Remove the top of the roll-on bottle and the roller stop. Pour the essential oils into the roller bottle first, then pour in the carrier oil to within a stoppers length of the top. Put the roller stop back in and tightly cap.

To use: roll on temples, neck, and shoulders and enjoy the relief!

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