DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) 2 fl oz

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Our DMSO is as pure as it is possible to make at 99.99.  PHARMA GRADE.  Because DMSO is a solvent and goes through the skin, even a 99.98% purity which is just a drop less then 99.99% pure can show a build up in the cells of unwanted material over time.   


 Always have a bottle ready in the medicine cabinet. Our DMSO is the highest grade available. Pharma Grade, not industrial grade. (Industrial grade is not toxic or anything, however we supply a more pure form) Most all other DMSO distributers sell the industrial strength.  Even the pharmaceutical grade is not as pure due the the addition of 30% water.  Our DMSO is 99.99% pure, with no water added.  We use grade one glass bottles and our cap is specialized for constant pressure seal.

DMSO can be used for a multitude of things, from saving yourself from paralysis after a stroke by orally ingesting every 15 minutes to break up the clot, to sinus infections (nose dropper of DMSO). It also works for high eye pressure (drop it in your eye), swollen ankles due to a sprain (will take down swelling within 5 minutes) shoulder pains and all joint problems and much more. The book "Nature's Healer" has over 300 pages of the uses of DMSO. The Bible says the leaves of the tree will be used for healing in the end days and DMSO is a by -product of tree bark. The clinics in Mexico inject DMSO along with apricot seeds extract into the patient's vein at about 3 ml of DMSO to 10 ml of apricot seed extract. You will find many used for this all- purpose health ointment, keep a couple of bottles handy in the medicine cabinet at all times.

On April 3rd 1963, the New York Times called DMSO the closest thing to a wonder drug until the FDA took if off the shelves. Mike Wallace had two 60 Minutes programs on DMSO. It is made most commonly from Lugnin, the material that nature uses to cement cells together in trees. By simply dabbing it onto the skin, it penetrates directly through to the blood stream where it reaches all parts of the body and can be tasted immediately. It is non-toxic. It is also used with other drugs or nutrients as a transporter to bring those drugs or nutrients deep into the body, permeating every cell. Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon testified at a hearing of Senator Edward Kennedy's (Kennedy was also in charge of the hearing that ultimately banned Laetrile) and said After 1,200 scientific publications on the merits of DMSO all of which conclude that it is safe and effective, after three separate pharmaceutical firms have submitted four new drug applications to the FDA (all rejected) DMSO is still mysteriously not available to Americans, although available in other countries.

DMSO and What It Helps Heal:

DMSO rapidly penetrates the cells and cleans them of toxins. DMSO will help the body stop a stroke as it is happening. It should be in everyone's medicine chest. DMSO is used to bring the benefits of the apricot seed deep into the body and the existing tumor or bad cells that need destroying. Those with neck and spinal injuries receiving DMSO treatment directly after the injury may never be paralyzed and will definitely be far less paralyzed if any. Prompt use of DMSO after a heart attack prevents much damaging of the heart muscle. Dr. Morton Walker has much research on this. DMSO will cut the healing time of any sprain in at least half. It can be used on any type of cold sore. Dab on the lips just as it is surfacing, and it will dry up. Or dab on afterward if it has already surfaced. Bursitis in the shoulder will clear up after 30 days of use. The former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons testified to the FDA on this matter, as they held closed ears to him back in 1980. Former Governor Tom McCall was struck with bursitis and after two dabbings on his shoulder the calcification that caused the problem was stopped. Injected under the bark of a sick tree, the tree will become youthful again.


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