Earth's Natural Clay - Worm Away (10 oz)

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Earth's Natural Clay - Worm Away (10 oz)

Worms are parasites that live in the intestines of animals. While not typically a serious problem, they can cause unpleasant symptoms in your pet such as diarrhea and vomiting. More serious infestations can cause severe anemia and damage to the immune system.

Earth’s Natural's Worm Away is a safe, non-toxic powder which cleans the intestinal tract and expels parasites from your pet’s body. The diatomaceous earth gently scrubs the lining of the intestinal tract, removing the complete parasite (including the head) from the intestinal wall. Pure, calcium bentonite clay’s negative ionic charge attracts the parasites to its layers, and is then eliminated from the body.

Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth, pure calcium bentonite clay. 10 ounces

Usage: Add to food daily for 21 days without interruption according to pet's body weight. Offer with plenty of water.

Body Weight     Amount

<20 lbs               1/2 tsp

20-50 lbs            1 tsp

50-90 lbs.           1 Tbsp

>90 lbs.               1-2 Tbsp