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Gentian Root Cut - Organic

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Gentian Root, Organic (Gentiana lutea)

Bitter Tonic Helps You Digest Heavy, Fatty Meals

  • Supports fat & protein digestion
  • Strengthen stomach functions
  • Supports liver & gallbladder health

Gentian root provides superior digestive support, particularly for protein, heavy-to-digest, large, fatty or rich meals. It stimulates the production of beneficial stomach acids and digestive enzymes, as well as alleviates bloating, gas, and nausea.

Herbalists suggest taking Gentian 10-15 minutes before meals to encourage proper digestion. Its bitter principles go to work quickly and provide long-lasting support. 

For those brave enough to brew an herbal decoction, aromatic herbs such as Cinnamon and Ginger will improve the taste (or try our convenient high-potency capsules). 

COMMON NAMES: Bitter Root, Gentian, Sampson Snake Root, Yellow Gentian.