Herbally Grounded Slippery Elm Bark

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Herbally Grounded Slippery Elm Bark (100 caps)

Botanical Name: Ulmus Rubra

Slippery elm is a small species of elm tree that is native to eastern North America. The bark of the tree is harvested for its inner lining or pith, which contains a high mucilage content that gives rise to the “slippery” factor.

Slippery Elm is perhaps best known for working on the gastrointestinal tract, providing restoration during convalescence, soothing an inflamed colon or as a simple nutrient when nothing else can be kept down. Slippery Elm is often added to enemas to make them more soothing. This mucilaginous herb helps absorb toxins in the bowel. It is useful especially for diarrhea, bowel weakness or as a mild nourishing food for sick children. Since the herb is slightly sweet, it is one that children will often take readily if it is mixed in some cereal, applesauce or fruit juice.

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