Humarian Probonix Restore (Grape Flavor) 1 fl oz

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Restore Product Update!

Probonix Restore has gone through some changes to better fit its intended function. We’ve increased the size and redesigned it as a one-time purchase, so you no longer need to purchase multiple bottles and guesstimate when you should switch back to a regular probiotic.

Simply purchase one bottle of Restore and use until it is finished, then switch back to your normal Probonix daily probiotic.  One bottle of Restore will help to replenish your gut with the healthy bacteria that antibiotics kill off.

Probonix Restore is an organic, non-GMO liquid probiotic that contains a mixture of 9 probiotics scientifically formulated to both restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut and help to stave off some of the most common negative side effects associated with antibiotics. Just take Restore until the bottle is finished, then resume taking your regular Probonix daily probiotic.
Taking Probonix is simple. Just put the recommended dose on your tongue or in a favorite unheated drink. 

Description: 1 oz bottle, 60 Day Supply

Suggested Use: Take 2 hours before or after taking antibiotic.
8 drops daily for adults and children over 30 lbs OR 6 drops daily for children under 30 lbs
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