LA Naturals Passion Flower 1 fl oz

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Passion Fower is often recommended by doctors as a mild sedative for those suffering from insomnia or nervous exhaustion.
L.A. Naturals' pure herbal extracts are formulated by Mitch Coven, a medicinal herbalist with clinical experience with thousands of patients since 1982. His traditional approach to herbalism, working with real clients and dealing with real health issues, is present in our products. L.A. Naturals manufactures products in an FDA-registered and -approved homeopathic drug manufacturing site located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Strict adherence to FDA good manufacturing procedures (GMPs) for dietary supplements ensures the highest quality liquid herbal extracts available. Certified organic and ethically wild-harvested herbs are the mainstay of herbal procurement for L.A. Naturals. Their herbs are custom-picked by skilled botanists at the peak of their potency. We carefully source only the freshest and most vital raw materials. Our herbs are pesticide-free and have never been irradiated or fumigated. Only the full biochemical spectrums of the active plant parts are used. These concentrates use a fresh plant ratio of 1:1-1:2. Ratios of dry plant extracts are commonly 1:2 - :3 extracts. Buying certified organic or ethically wild-harvested herbs (those havested from clean wild areas) is the key to getting the most potent and clean botanicals. Organic Organic herbs are grown without pesticides and are picked in harmony with the cyles of the day.