ManukaGuard Medical Grade Manuka Honey

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ManukaGuard Medical Grade Manuka Honey (8.8 oz)

This ManukaGuard Medical Grade Manuka Honey is good for two uses. It can be used topically and to support gastrointestinal health.

Medical Grade Manuka Honey is for use in wound dressings and has multiple bioactive components that expedite recovery while creating a moist protective barrier. Manuka Honey enzymes and proteins function best as the honey reaches body temperature. Unlike other honey, authentic Manuka Honey is not temperature sensitive. In fact, it does not become Manuka Honey until the hive reaches 90 – 95°F or about human body temperature. Medical Grade Manuka used as a wound care dressing promotes fast healing. Perfect first aid treatment for burns and cuts.

Gastrointestinal Health
Medical Grade Manuka Honey provides a drug-free solution to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy and the immune system strong. Through stimulating a natural immune response, Medical Grade Manuka Honey kickstarts antibody production and inhibits c-reactive proteins, particularly in cigarette smokers, who suffer more internal issues than non-smokers do. Certified Medical Grade Manuka Honey also serves a prebiotic function in the intestines, “feeding” healthy gut flora to support a strong microbiome and support overall Gut Health. Produced in New Zealand by bees who pollinate manuka bush flowers, MGO 400 Medical Grade is a highly-filtered and pasteurized honey that is more effective than raw honey; it has been gently heated, leaving all its natural enzymes and proteins intact. Manuka Honey, unlike all other honey, tolerates heat very well. In fact, it does not become Manuka Honey until the hive reaches 90 – 95°F or about human body temperature. Good for the digestive system and a healthy gut microbiome.


Medical Grade Manuka Honey MGO 40012+.

Suggested Use

Topical: Apply a generous coating over any skin issue and cover with a waterproof bandage. Repeat every three days. Gastrointestinal Health: Take ½ Tsp sublingual one hour before food, one to three times a day depending on the severity of the condition. Take small amounts, frequently rather than larger amounts once a day.

Precautions: The Glycemic Index of Manuka honey is moderate (54-59) as tested in a single randomized study and it must be noted each individual in the study experienced difference in blood sugar response. Always work with your physician or other medical professional when eating foods or using products that may affect blood sugars. Do not use raw honey, regular honey or this honey in eyes, ears or nose. When taking a dietary supplement first consult your doctor or other medical professional. Not suitable for children under 1 year. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.