Mother Earth Labs GI ProMAX

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Mother Earth Labs GI ProMAX (60 servings)

GI Health affects your whole body, so give your GI tract the best support available with GI ProMAX!

Build Yourself a Stronger Foundation of Health
Your GI tract does more than simply digest your foods. It’s on the front line of your immune defense as a barrier working to prevent pathogens from being absorbed into your bloodstream. It plays an essential role in your natural detoxification process. It’s home to hormone-producing bacteria that affect your moods, cravings, and metabolism. Don’t you think it deserves the best support possible?

Science-Backed Ingredients Make the Difference
With GI ProMAX, you can give your GI tract name-brand ingredients with extensive scientific research and studies behind them.

  • Propol® A Konjac Root Fiber – This highly purified, natural fiber is highly stable and helps promote bowel regularity, weight management, and may even help support those with blood sugar control issues.
  • ResistAid® Larch Arabinogalactan Fiber – This prebiotic fiber has 3 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies behind it. These studies showed an increase in healthy immune regulatory responses with a 57% increased likelihood of staying healthy compared to those taking a placebo.
  • Polyphenol-C® – Taking vitamin C to the next level with a wealth of anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, bioflavonoids, and more. This food-based vitamin C is highly effective in supporting the immune system.
  • BGF-Immune® 1,3 Beta Glucans – Studies on BGF-Immune® show better functioning immune antibodies in the mucosal membrane lining of the GI tract. These antibodies attack and neutralize potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses before they can enter the bloodstream.
  • PepZin GI® – This unique combination of zinc and l-carnosine is highly stable throughout the GI tract supporting extended antioxidant activity. Antioxidants can help neutralize the free radicals that attack the lining of the GI tract.
  • Setria® Glutathione – Affectionately known as the “Master Antioxidant”, Glutathione is used in every cell in the body. This branded form is easily absorbed and has shown in clinical trials to contribute to higher blood glutathione levels.
  • Serrazimes® – These protease enzymes target specific proteins known to cause inflammation. By breaking down these proteins, Serrazimes® supports protein digestion and healthy immune responses.

Traditional Herbal Support
Herbs have been used throughout human history and are the basis for today’s modern medicine. In GI ProMAX we’ve included herbs such as Marshmallow Root, Qing Dai, and Cat’s Claw. These herbs have been used for thousands of years as holistic support for GI health.

Putting GI ProMAX to Work for You
Today’s modern life can put a lot of stress on the GI tract and cause a wide range of health issues. GI ProMAX is here to support your body’s natural healing processes with hand-picked ingredients.

  • Leaky Gut – Leaky Gut happens when the tight junctions along intestinal walls lose their integrity and allow food particles, bacteria, and toxins to enter the body in an unnatural way leading to abdominal inflammation. GI UltraMAX provides targeted ingredients like Colostrum for healthy tight junction support. 
  • Microbiome Balance – Our gut microbiome can be thrown out of balance for any number of reasons and a great way to bring that balance back is through prebiotic fibers. These fibers, such as Larch Arabinogalactan, Fenugreek, Agave Inulin, and others, act as food for the colonies of health-promoting bacteria within the digestive tract. GI ProMAX additionally provides 20 billion CFUs composed of 9 hand-picked probiotic strains to help reintroduce the healthy bacterial diversity necessary to battle and overwhelm invading harmful bacteria. Having a balanced gut microbiome strengthens the immune system, supports digestion, may help improve or maintain mental health, and even has positive effects of food cravings.
  • Immune Support – The GI tract helps keep us protected from harmful bacteria, environmental contaminants, and other toxins, but it can only do this if it’s able to protect itself. GI ProMAX makes this easier with a wealth of immune supporting ingredients.
  • Weight Management Support – The soluble fibers included in GI ProMAX help you feel full longer so you’re less likely to reach for a snack between meals. These fibers are also prebiotics that help balance your microbiome. Harmful bacteria feed on sugar and unhealthy fats while beneficial bacteria feed on these prebiotic soluble fibers. When bad bacteria overwhelm the good, we find ourselves craving unhealthy foods. The reverse is also true. Since our good bacteria thrive on healthy fibrous foods, they send signals to our brains that cause us to crave carrots, apples, and other healthy foods.

Key Benefits

  • Name-Brand Ingredients with extensive scientific data behind them because it’s time you had a product that really works.
  • Highly Effective Prebiotic Fibers to help your friendly gut bacteria grow, diversify, and thrive.
  • Hand-Picked Probiotics to help reintroduce and support healthy bacterial diversity.
  • Full-Spectrum Digestive Enzymes to help you get the most out of every bite.
  • Extensive Immune Support ingredients to help strengthen GI immune defense.


Other Ingredients: Natural Fruit Flavors, Vanilla and Stevia Leaf Sweetner.

Allergy Information: Gluten Free and Non-GMO.

Suggested Use

Add 1 scoop to 4 oz of liquid and shake (best) or stir well. Drink quickly because of normal thickening. IMPORTANT: Immediately follow with 8 ounces of water. Take in late afternoon or evening (best) between meals. Additional servings may be taken if necessary as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dark place.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.