North American Herb & Spice Chaga Cream Facial Treatment 2 oz

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ChagaCream skin rejuvenation is enhanced with royal jelly, raw, wild black raspberry extract and aromatic Mediterranean flower & leaf oil. Nothing could be more protective and rejuvenating. In an organic beeswax base all the ingredients are wild and/or whole, so whole it's edible—just what your face deserves.

Suggested Use

To nourish and beautify the skin rub a small amount on normal, damaged, or aging skin. Ideal for dry, cracked, or irritated skin. Makes skin soft and smooth. When applied to facial skin, slight heat sensation is normal. For ideal skin apply daily. May stain clothing.

Supplement Facts

Spring water, Organic beeswax, wild raw chaga mushroom extract, cold-pressed sesame seed oil, raw extra virgin olive oil, raw blackseed oil, organic wild bay leaf oil, organic wild lavender oil, organic wild myrtle oil, wild bay leaf water, rose water, clove bud oil, organic wild oregano oil, organic cumin oil, organic wild sage oil, wild royal jelly, shea butter, sunflower seed lecithin, mycellized oregano oil.

1 Review

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    Pretty good

    Posted by Sobela on 3rd Jul 2016

    I really do like this cream and the whole slight heat sensation is not that bad at all but it does kind of seem like I'm putting very mild chest rub on my face which yes that will make your eyes water a little lol..I know that sounds silly but it just is a hard sensation to describe.
    I really don't mind the eyes watering thing because that goes away after a minute or so but what does bother me is the little gritty bits of stuff in the cream because it makes my skin feel dirty which I'm not so big on that lol...I may try to get them out with a cheese cloth or something.
    Also yes this cream will stain light colored cloths so be careful.
    I also don't know if I'm supposed to leave this cream on all night or if I'm supposed to rub or wash it off lol...I've tried both and I guess you leave it on ^_^' I know I'm so silly.
    My skin does feel a little softer so I guess I'll keep using it and see if I can't get past the little bits in it .