Ovul Health Herbal Feminine Steam


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Ovul Health Herbal Feminine Steam (1.05 oz)

This product acts as a treatment to facilitate an at-home Yoni steam.

A Yoni steam (aka. vaginal steam, v-steam, or bajo) provides gentle and effective support for women’s wellness. Respected by women and holistic healers around the globe, Yoni steaming is the ancient practice of allowing the warmth of herbal steam to softly permeate the exterior of the vagina. This women's treatment gently but effectively cleanses, tones, and revitalizes a woman's center, providing myriad benefits including reduced menstrual cramps. Support your natural feminine cycle, help your body to heal, relax, and detoxify both physically and emotionally with a Yoni steam. Treat yourself to this delightful self-care ritual in the comfort of your own home! The Ovul Health steam is a carefully crafted blend of Yoni steaming herbs that includes the highest quality, aromatic, toning, and healing herbs available. All herbs are certified organic, fairly traded, and kosher.

When To Yoni Steam

The following conditions are considered the best times of the month for a Yoni steam. PLEASE NOTE: To determine if Yoni steaming is right for you and when to Yoni steam, we ask you to consult your healthcare practitioner.

  • Yoni steam before ovulation or insemination, once, if you’re trying to get pregnant, but not if you suspect you are pregnant. This holds true for most Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) treatments as well.
  • Yoni steam on the new and full moons, bringing awareness to the moon cycles, or to help bring back a late or lost period.
  • Yoni steam as a ritual cleansing, perhaps a few cycles post-trauma or miscarriage. Be sure to keep a journal of your experience and have a support person to reach out to in case of need.
  • Yoni steam to help heal painful menstrual cramping, if there is spotting or brown blood before menstruation begins, or if PMS is present. In this case yoni steam at a maximum of 1-7 times per month, the week before the period begins. (Think preemptive care!) The warmth of the steam helps with blood, nutrient, and hormone flow.
  • Yoni steam post-menopause, seasonally, or as needed for pain or dryness. On an important note, due to the heating quality of the steam, this can aggravate hot flashes. It is common to see some blood or discharge a day or two after steaming, even after a woman has entered menopause.

Key Benefits

  • Herbal steam supports and regulates the natural feminine cycle, and helps to heal and detoxify the body

  • May assist with the prevention of menstrual cramps
  • Treat yourself to a blissful self-care ritual in the comfort of your own home
  • This carefully crafted blend includes only 100% organic and fair-trade herb


Folium Artemisiae, Motherwort, Safflower, Flos Rosae Rugosae, Lavender, Flos Albizziae, Aloe, Dried Ginger

Avoid using if you are allergic to any ingredients listed above

Suggested Use

  1. Put 1 steam bag into a pan.
  2. Add 8.5 fl oz water and Boil water for 10 minutes or use hot boiled water to Soak for 10 minutes.
  3. Pour water into the pan and sit for 10 minutes to steam the vagina.
  4. You can wait until the water temperature is lukewarm and use the water to wash for 10 minutes.

Precautions: Yoni steaming is magical and powerful, but it is not a miracle cure. It can aggravate some conditions and especially if there is a long-standing imbalance. It’s important to know when to yoni steam and when not to yoni steam. Working with a qualified health practitioner will ensure it is done safely and effectively.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.