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Sarsaparilla Root Cut - Wildcrafted

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Sarsaparilla Root, Mexican, Cut (Smilax spp.)

Tropical Tonic Recharges Health & Vitality

  • Blood cleanser
  • Promotes hormone balance
  • Performance tonic

Sarsaparilla is perhaps best known for giving root beer its distinctive taste. Today though, the aromatic root is often used as a traditional blood purifier that promotes healthy skin, and as a main ingredient in male & female hormone balancing formulas.

Sarsaparilla is native to the Caribbean and other tropical regions, where it’s popularly used in sexual performance blends, joint care formulas, as well as external & internal skin care preparations. 

Find this rejuvenative root in our best-selling Nature’s Wonderland formulas: Glands Support, Blood Purifying Formula, Adren-Aid, Hormone Regulator, and the popular Catfish Bitters Tonic. 

ALSO KNOWN AS: Jupicanga, Khao Yen, Smilax, Zarzaparilla.