Soothing Stomach Tea

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Soothing Stomach Tea  (Formerly Stomach Tea)

This is our best tea for an over-acid stomach. People with over-acid conditions react to tomatoes, coffee, chocolate and even citrus. Those acids cause damage in the stomach, leading to ulcers. Drink this tea every day to off-set an acidic condition, and begin repairing damage to the stomach.


-Using all organic or wildcrafted herbs only

This tea is great for soothing the stomach and the digestive system, helping with over-acid conditions of the stomach and bowels and healing the system.

Ingredients: Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Gentian Root, Goldenseal Root, Licorice Root, Wild Yam Root, Burdock Root, Comfrey Leaf, White Oak Bark, Ginger Root, Mullein Leaf, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Chamomile Flower and Cinnamon.