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The Healthful Benefits of OptiMSM®
OptiMSM® is a naturally occurring organic sulfur source, displaying a variety of health-promoting benefits.

Joint Health: Several pre-clinical and clinical studies support the efficacy of MSM in supporting joint health and range of motion. Research shows that MSM protects the body's cartilage and also down-regulates inflammatory markers that damage cartilage as we age.

Cardio Health: MSM may support healthy homocysteine metabolism.

Seasonal Immune Health: MSM may support a healthy immune response to allergens, based on an open-label clinical study and animal studies.

Liver Support: MSM may support liver health and metabolism, based upon an animal study showing elevated liver glutathione after MSM supplementation. Glutathione is a sulfur-rich antioxidant involved in detoxification.

MSM is 34.06% elemental sulfur, 25.52% carbon, 6.42% hydrogen and 34% oxygen.

OptiMSM® is made in the U.S. to strict production specifications. Consistency is guaranteed by process control, monitored at every stage of production, followed by extensive analyticals.

The World's most pure MSM
U.S.-made OptiMSM® is a premium form of MSM trademarked and sold into the dietary supplement marketplace. Introduced in 1989, it has been a leading ingredient for joint health products and the choice of quality brand manufacturers. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is created naturally through the earth's sulfur cycle when phytoplankton and algae die and decompose, releasing sulfur compounds into the atmosphere where they are transformed to DMS. In the presence of ozone and sunlight, DMS is converted to DMSO and MSM. Both are water-soluble and return to the earth's surface in rain water and are absorbed by vegetation and ultimately eaten by animals. These sources contain very small amounts of MSM, typically < 1 ppm, with the highest concentration in mammal's milk at 8.2 ppm. Therefore, all commercially available MSM must be manufactured because the amounts found naturally are too small to be extracted.

Dosage Ranges
OptiMSM is extremely safe. Extensive toxicology data shows that it can be taken in high doses for a long period of time. Supplementation recommendations are 1-3 capsules twice daily.

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    Joint and Pain Relief

    Posted by Erika on 5th Oct 2017

    I have bought this primarily for my mother who once had the autoimmune disease called Lupus. She no longer has to take any pain killers after taking this for quite some time. Also, she no longer has Lupus. The doctors were very surprised at this. I am very thankful to our Father in Heaven for this miraculous supplement!

  • 5
    pain free

    Posted by Adriana Valadez on 21st Nov 2014

    I purchased this product for my stepdad. He was having hip pain every morning and throughout the day. He noticed that in 3 days he no longer felt the pain.

  • 5
    Taking during prenancy

    Posted by Ali on 13th Mar 2014

    This product helps provide the nutrients your skin needs and I'm taking it to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy. So far so good!

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