Uterine Cleanse Tea

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Uterine Cleanse Tea  

(Using all organic or wildcrafted herbs only)

This tea was formulated with compassion and urgency to help women with reproductive system issues by cleansing the uterine area, while balancing hormones at the same time. 

Recommended Dosage: 1-2 cups daily for 1-3 months (or longer, if needed). Discontinue use if pregnant. Serving size is 1 TBSP per 8oz glass water.

For a deeper extraction: Bring 1 TBSP tea per 8oz water to a boil for 5-7 mins (with lid on). Turn off stove and let steep for an additional 7-10 mins or better yet, let tea soak overnight.

Ingredients: White Peony Root, Dong Quai, Golden Seal Root, Damiana Leaf, Wild Yam Root, Ginger Root, Red Raspberry Leaf