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Royal Velvet Pure Deer Antler Extract 1 fl oz

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  • Product Description

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      • Promote a healthy inflammation response.
      • Improve mental clarity, memory, and intelligence.
      • Increase sex drive with better, longer lasting, and more satisfying sex.
      • Improve body tone, eliminate excess body fat, and increase musculature.
      • Supports normal cerebrovascular health.
      • Provide thicker, healthier, more natural looking hair.
      • Improve mood, more joy, less depression, able to handle stress better.
      • Provide a more youthful appearance, less wrinkles, smoother, healthier skin.
      • Naturally increases metabolism.
      • Improved hearing, eyesight, taste, smell, and feeling.
      • Increased bone density, strength, and health.
      • Prevention of injury through stronger bodily functions.
      • Reduced hunger pains, cravings, and addictions.
      • Absence of seasonal allergies.
      • Increased jobs skills, creativity, and performance.
      • Hormonal balancing, especially in women.
      • Accelerate wound healing.
      • Dramatically increase the immune function.
      • Increase cardiac output.
      • And a plethora of benefits too numerous to list.
      • All with no known harmful side effects.

      Thousands of people have testified to all of the above benefits, and more.

      NOTE: Because Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is “all the rage” with movie stars and the “in crowd”, many people ask if Royal Velvet is similar to HGH. In all reality, if HGH and Royal Velvet were lights, HGH would be a child’s night light and Royal Velvet would be the sun. There simply is no comparison that can be made between the two. There are no known harmful side effects with Royal Velvet, unlike HGH. Royal Velvet aids in bringing a youthful and properly balanced supply of many growth factors, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and a host of micronutrients to your body. HGH is only one hormone.

      And by the way, we constantly are getting clients that have switched from getting HGH injections (at a $1,000 per injection!) to taking Royal Velvet. Within a short period of time after starting Royal Velvet, many of these new clients report the typical amazing benefits with NO negative side effects (like HGH injections have).

      We also have had hundreds and hundreds of clients who have used so-called IGF-1 products as well as other antler velvet products who have switched to using Royal Velvet. They have told us there is no comparison in the results. That is why our company, and no other, has hundreds of NFL football players, NBA basketball players, Major League Baseball players, Olympic athletes, professional body builders, Strong man contestants, NHL hockey players, and famous movie stars and personalities who use our product.

      Recommended use:

      Shake well befor using.
      3 Sprays under the tongue.
      Hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
      Dosage: 3 sprays, 4 times per day
      Servings per container - Approximately 60
      Serving size: 3 sprays (0.48ml)
      Each serving contains   % Daily Value
      Deer antler velvet extract   16.5mg *
      (Cervi Parvum Cornu)
      Other ingredients: Purified Water, citric acid, lecithin, potassium sorbate.
      Contains: soy
      *Daily Value not established






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    1. Excellent supplement for muscle and nerve damage

      Have been taking this supplement for a month now. My muscles have been getting bigger and less fatigued after i work out, and my overall appearance is more vibrant and youthful. Plenty of energy and my senses function much better now. Definitely recommend this product to athletes and to anyone who needs nerve repair. on 4th Aug 2017

    2. Very good product

      My adrenals need support. When I uses this product regularly, I notice a significant increase in my energy level! on 29th Jul 2013

    3. Lives Up to it's Claim

      Most "miracle cures" are just hype... this one really is changing my health,right before my eyes! Try this with confidence on 24th Sep 2012

    4. One of the best products ever.

      I have adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems. I have tried this product for the first time 1 month ago and I am seeing amazing results from it. I feel more energy, memory has improved and brain fog is gone. I totally recommend it . on 28th Mar 2012

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