Jing Herbs Deer Antler Essence

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Jing Herbs Deer Antler Essence (2 fl oz)

Deer Antler Essence is a powerful tonic for activating and replenishing vitality. It is a full spectrum extraction of one of the most profound substances in the anti-aging and longevity category. Jing Herbs source only antler from New Zealand due to its unsurpassed quality and the total dedication of the New Zealand Game Industry Board to the absolutely humane treatment of the animals during the harvesting process. 

One of the things that Jing Herbs clients have come to rely on is the fact that Jing Herbs will not produce products that violate the law of balance. They go to great pains to assure that their formulas protect, nourish and balance the Three Treasures. The Deer Antler Essence extract is no exception to this rule. Since deer antler is essentially a very potent yang tonic, included are two of the most famous yin tonics to bring balance to the formula. With the addition of Lycium and He Shou Wu this formula takes on a whole new dimension of being a complete Kidney Essence tonic.

Jing Herbs is confident that once you add Deer Antler Essence to your herbal program you will be one step closer to the best health ever! 

Key Benefits

  • Physical Energy
  • Sexual Energy
  • Reproductive Energy
  • Nourishing marrow and blood
  • Facilitating recovery and rejuvenation


Cervus nippon (Deer Antler) tips, Polygonum multiflorum (Prepared He shou wu) root, Lycium barbarum fruit extract powder

Other ingredients: Spring water, Organic grape alcohol (25% by volume)

Suggested Use

Take one to three squirts as needed two times per day. You can take them directly in your mouth or you can add them to teas, smoothies, or shakes.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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