Herbs & Extracts


Our standards are high and we like them that way! If we wouldn't feed it to our own family we won't feed it to yours. We Promise!

Optimally Organic - We use organic herbs whenever possible. Organic herbs are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents.

Ethically Wildcrafted - Some of our herbs are gathered from the wild, using only ethical harvesting practices. When herbs are gathered the proper way, the plants are left in the wild to grow and replenish on their own, ready to be harvested year after year.

100% Pure Raw Herbs -  Our herbs are never heated.  This keeps their natural enzymes intact, thereby making assimilation easier.

NEVER Irradiated - Our herbs are never exposed to radiation. It's common practice to use gamma rays to kill microorganisms on herbs. This process is very damaging and we feel kills the healing properties of the herbs.

NEVER Fumigated -  Our herbs are never fumigated, the process where harmful chemical fumes are applied to disinfect. This process is also very damaging to the life of the herbs and kills any beneficial enzymes which allow the herbs to assist your body in healing.

NEVER Genetically Modified -  Our herbs are never genetically modified (GMO). GMO products contain genetic plant material that has been chemically altered. 

NO Toxic Flowing Agents -  We never use toxic flowing agents. It's very normal in the supplement industry to use flowing agents to help lubricate their machines and speed up production. These flowing agents have been found to lower the immune system and are apparently counter intuitive to any supplement intake. 

NO Fillers -  Many manufacturers use fillers or “other ingredients” for a variety of reasons including to take up space, hold ingredients together, and assist in disintegration.  Whatever their reason may be, many of these fillers have been found to be harmful to the body. We never use fillers in any of our products. When you have such great herbs, why would you add fillers?