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You can get 25 - 55% OFF your ESSENTIAL OILS with a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT


I'm new to oils, where do I start?

The links below will help you get started on your essential oil journey.

Here at Spirit of Health, we have chosen doTERRA essential oils as our main brand because of their high levels of testing and purity. doTERRA sources their essential oils directly from the place where God placed that plant to grow at its best and they test to insure absolute purity.

There is much that makes doTERRA special. They give back to farmers all over the globe, and their testing is unmatched in the industry.

To learn more about doTERRA's quality and sourcing watch this quick video.


Below is a free intro to oils class that we recorded at our Wellness Center to help you understand the natural solutions that are available through doTERRA. Press play on the video any time and download the class handout below to follow along in this informal recorded class.

How do I Order?

Ordering is simple. You can order each oil individually from our website, but you can save 25-55% when you get started with a doTERRA kit.

But I don't want to be obligated to purchase regularly!
10 million customers worldwide have now chosen to get their own doTerra membership to access 25-55% off.

Want to know the BEST part

You are never required to purchase regularly with your wholesale membership, but many customers do and they receive extra perks from doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards System. Remember, each kit waives the $35 wholesale membership fee and includes freebees like a diffuser.

Our Tip

*Look at what you're already wanting to order, add up the price, and then check out the kits. Most often you'll be saving PLUS getting MORE oils (or even a diffuser) for free!

Still have questions?

Spirit of Health KC has a customer service specialist ready to help you!        Email us at