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Cordyceps Mushroom Fruiting Body 1:1 Extract Powder - Organic

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Cordyceps militaris

Nammex Cordyceps mushroom is the actual fruiting body, processed by hot water extraction into a fine powder suitable for encapsulation or beverages.

Beta (1-3),(1-6)-glucans Greater than 25%
Starch Less than 3.0%
Cordycepin Greater than 0.3%


No added fillers, starch, grains or mycelium

Cordyceps Mushroom History

Wild Ophiocordyceps sinensis is a rare and expensive Chinese herb. It consists of a caterpillar and a blade-like mushroom body growing from one end. Its common Chinese name is “Winter worm, summer grass”. Due to the high cost of this herb, the Chinese produce the mycelium of this mushroom in liquid fermentation tanks. This pure mycelium product is primarily known as Cs-4. The authenticity of Cordyceps mycelium cultured from wild Cordyceps is not certain. Multiple cultures have been isolated from the wild Cordyceps, but none have actually produced the mushroom, a normal pre-requisite for determination of identity.

Proudly Made in China

Not All Medicinal Mushrooms Products are Created Equal

US lab-grown Cordyceps is mycelium grown on grain. Analysis has shown that US Cordyceps mycelium on grain has low levels of beta-glucan and very high levels of starch. We only use 100% organic fruiting bodies which are rigorously tested and guaranteed for active compounds.

Cordyceps Mushroom Uses

A large body of research has demonstrated that Cordyceps militaris has similar active compounds and activities to C. sinensis. Today, it is being cultivated on substrates free from any insects. It is traditionally used for fatigue, general weakness, improved respiratory function and improved sexual function.

Cordyceps mushroom is one of the most prized immune modulating and energy enhancing adaptogens known in Chinese herbalism.  It is native to high mountain regions of the Himalayas and has been used by the people of Tibet, Nepal and China for hundreds of years. Often compared to that of ginseng for its restorative qualities, it is a building herb with effects that "activate life energies."  Also known for revitalizing the sex glands and reproductive system, the mycelium is considered a potent aphrodisiac and top tonic for increasing one's sex drive.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is recognized to be particularly nourishing to the lungs and kidneys. It supports recovery from adrenal depletion and is shown to increase lung capacity and oxygen utilization, making it a great for improving athletic performance and aerobic workouts.

One of the many benefits of Cordyceps is the fact that it dilates the lung’s airways, providing more oxygen to the blood. Every cell is enriched by this process, enhancing energy levels and causing the body’s cells to work better. It has been shown to improve the functioning of the respiratory system and is beneficial for people suffering from cough, asthma and bronchitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its action of relaxing the bronchial walls.

Clinical research has shown that Cordyceps use increased cellular bio-energy – ATP, by as much as 55 per cent. Increased synthesis of ATP and faster recovery have been reported. In a double-blind placebo controlled study with 30 elderly volunteers, Cordyceps was shown to improve significantly the maximum amount of oxygen these people were able to assimilate. 

It has been used in the past to strengthen the immune system by increasing the amount of the body’s natural killer cells. These defend the body against bacteria and viruses. It benefits the entire vascular system by regulating blood pressure, strengthening the muscles of the heart and improving circulation. It protects the kidney and liver by improving blood flow to these two organs and others. This helps them to better defend against diseases such as Hepatitis.

This herb is very popular with athletes as it can help build muscle and improve performance. The Chinese Olympic athletes are known to consume it while training and competing. It is said to noticeably increase the physical strength and stamina of anyone who consumes it. If you’re a close follower of the Olympic games, cordyceps may ring a bell for you. At the 1993 games, 3 female Chinese runners broke 5 world records. Predictably, the officials insisted on testing the runners for anabolic steroids, but the results proved negative. The women had ingested absolutely nothing illegal—the only performance booster they used was cordyceps. Many successful endurance athletes now use cordyceps routinely—including, it is believed, Lance Armstrong’s Team Postal during their record-breaking 7 Tour De France wins.

Key Actions

Promotes anti-aging, increases energy, strength and stamina, lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol, has natural antibiotic properties, increases athletic performance, increases circulation and oxygen utilization, protects liver and kidneys, enhances the immune system, dilates the lung’s airways and improves respiratory function, enhances energy levels, treats bronchial conditions, regulates blood pressure, helps build lean muscle, helps boost testosterone levels, powerful antioxidant, helps promote deeper sleep, aphrodisiac, treats erectile dysfunction and impotence, increases sexual desire and increases fertility. 

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  • 5
    Cordyceps Mushroom Fruiting Body 1:1 Extract Powder

    Posted by Elizabeth M on 8th Oct 2018

    I add Cordyceps Mushroom powder to my coffee in the morning. It adds a richness to the coffee as if a creamer, but with all the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms. I appreciate the freshness and rich color of this powder.

  • 5
    Excellent product and price

    Posted by Kevin on 3rd Sep 2018

    I've been very satisfied with this cordyceps. I've tried 5 different brands over the past year and this one has the most notable impact to my energy levels. I think the quality and potency is excellent, especially for the price. Great bang for the buck here, will continue to purchase, my 3rd 1 lb bag thus far.

  • 5

    Posted by Barry DeGeorge on 9th Mar 2018

    Price quantity ration excellent...quality will need a couple more months to evaluate, but I am relatively sure the quality is good also

  • 5

    Posted by Angela on 11th Jan 2018

    This gave me the energy I was looking for before going for a run. I also started drinking it before work..just one tablespoon and it helped so much . I was putting it in a tea but it didn’t melt the way I would like so I started blending it in a blender with hot or cold water and it was perfect ! Will buy again ! Also I only drink before work if I didn’t drink it for pre workout because I know a little goes a long way.