Dr Clark Para Cleanse (Maintenance) 3 part kit

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  • 18-day cleanse
  • No change in diet needed
  • Potent intestinal microbial cleanse*
  • Suitable for the whole family, including pets*


Download cleanse directions here.

This was always the first cleanse Dr. Clark had people take in her clinic. This is the most effective protocol of Dr. Clark.

Directions on the Bottles vs. Dr. Clark’s Directions: The directions on the bottles and packaging are minimum dosage directions for adults. Her directions simply don’t fit on the label! We therefore include her complete directions with every cleanse kit. Those include several ways you can take this cleanse.

Systemic Parasite Cleanse: This is a systemic parasite cleanse. That means it works throughout the body. You will most likely NOT see scary parasites in your toilet bowl. This does not mean that the parasite cleanse does not work. The cleanse does its magic throughout the body – not only in your bowels.

Purity Guaranteed: We systematically test our herbs in-house on an ICP for heavy metal contamination and we run the entire batch through a metal detector after encapsulation. We also test our herbs for microbiological contamination. Of course we also test them using Dr. Clark’s Syncrometer methods.

Superior Potency Guaranteed: We comply with Dr. Clarks request and ensure that we always provide freshly ground cloves encapsulated in air tight capsules and that the herbs in the wormwood blend are always fresh as well.

Simple to Take: When you view the “Handy Chart” it may look like you have to stay on the schedule no matter what, when in fact if you miss a day or two you can simply pick up where you left off. It’s easy!

Getting the Most Out of Your Cleanse: The biggest benefits you get from the parasite cleanse are from the Once Weekly Maintenance dose, so stay on the once weekly dose as long as you can (7 capsules Cloves, 7 capsules Wormwood, 5 capsules Freeze Dried Black Walnut Hull).

Children: We do not recommend you give the cleanse to anyone under 18 years, however the cleanse may be suitable for children, but only under guidance of a health pofessional. Recommended dose from health professionals should not exceed the chart enclosed with the cleanse for safety reasons. Never give the cleanse to ill children. Use it to maintain good health only. Keep a close watch on children when doing the cleanse program. Always contact a health professional if unusual conditions arise, including hot flashes or fever. Never give essential oils to kids.

Pets: The cleanse is highly effective for pets, all directions included. You need miniscule amounts for cats and dogs.

Sleep: We recommend that everyone who orders our Para Cleanse also orders Ornithine because microorganisms give off uric acid during the die-off process. The uric acid invariably gets to the brain and keeps us up at night. The Ornithine helps your body neutralize the effect of uric acid. How much to take? We recommend you start with only 1 capsule but you may need up to 8 capsules in order to feel the effect. Dr. Clark’s Melatonin is also an excellent sleep aid.

Quick Para-Zap Cleanse: If you are looking for a quick and easy parasite cleanse that is less systemic but may be more effective in cleansing the bowels try tour Quick ParaZap Cleanse.

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