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Forces of Nature Wart Removal Medicine - 4ml Rollerball

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Eliminate even stubborn warts quickly and naturally.

Clears warts quickly, no pain or scarring.
Simply apply topical oil 2-3 times a day. Most warts painlessly flake away in less than a week.
Helps prevent future outbreaks.
Antiviral therapeutic-grade oils work at the cellular level to boost skin’s immunity against future infections.
Treats warts naturally.
Each ingredient in Wart Control Extra Strength is 100% natural, organic, and made in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards in an FDA-approved facility.
Get results or get your money back.
We know it’s hard to try something new. That’s why Forces of Nature offers a one-year money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with your results.

About Wart Control Extra Strength:

If you’ve ever had a wart, you know how hard it is to remove it. What’s worse, warts are infections that can spread to other parts of your body. Studies show that invasive and painful wart-removal techniques (like surgery, acid treatment, or freezing) are only 15% to 40% effective, depending on the infection. Usually, the wart infection returns even worse than before.

To remove warts and prevent future infections, you need to work with your body, not against it. Wart Control Extra Strength penetrates deep into epidermal tissue to remove even the most stubborn warts at the root, while strengthening the natural healing power of your skin.

A natural, noninvasive, and effective cure for wart infections.
Wart Control Extra Strength works by empowering your immune system to heal the source of the infection with a potent mix of proven antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial therapeutic-grade oils.

We’ve put together some information designed to help you understand the symptoms, cause, and treatment of wart infections.

First of all, what is a wart?
Warts are noncancerous skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin or mucous membranes. The appearance of a wart depends on where it’s growing. Some warts are skin-colored and feel rough to the touch, while other kinds of warts are dark, flat, or smooth.

There are several different kinds of warts, including:

  • Common warts
  • Flat warts
  • Foot warts
  • Genital warts

How do you get warts?
Warts usually are passed from person to person, sometimes indirectly.

Why do some people get warts and others don’t?
It depends on the length of exposure to the wart virus. The risk of warts increases with damage to the skin barrier. A weakened immune system, lack of adequate rest, poor nutrition, increased stress, and close living quarters can also contribute to catching the wart virus.

Why are wart infections so difficult to cure?
While painful and invasive treatments—freezing, acid treatment, and surgery—may temporarily remove warts, they don’t heal the root cause, and the infection will return.

How does it work?
To permanently cure a wart infection and prevent future infections, you need to target your immune system at the skin cell barrier. Wart Control Extra Strength is a patented blend of powerful antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial plant-based ingredients proven to cure the wart virus at the cellular level.

Can I use it for genital warts?
While many patients do use it for genital warts, we recommend that you always begin treatment with a visit to your health practitioner.

Each ingredient in Wart Control Extra Strength is 100% natural, organic, and made in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards in an FDA-approved facility.