Maitake Mushroom Fruiting Body 1:1 Extract Powder - Organic

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Maitake Mushroom 1:1 Extract (Grifola frondosa)

100% Pure Mushroom, no grain or fillers - Hot water extracted

  • Powerful Immune Support
  • Balances Blood Sugars and Supports Weight Management
  • Anti-Cancer and Anti-Tumor Effects
  • Antimicrobial and Antiviral Effects
  • Supports Blood Pressure
Maitake ( Grifola frondosa ) is native to China, northeastern Japan and North America, where it can be found on the forest floor at the base of oak, maple or elm trees. Capable of growing to over 100 pounds, it earned the title of “king of the mushrooms.” It was first discovered over 2,000 years ago by a group of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters in Japan. Apparently, overjoyed by the taste, sight and medicinal properties of this distinctive mushroom, they danced, and it's nickname derives from that experience. Following its discovery, Maitake became an integral part of Chinese and Japanese herbology as a result of its therapeutic and restorative attributes. It was used in Chinese Medicine. to improve spleen and stomach health as well as to help calm nerves. In 1979, Japanese mycologists created indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques and today, Maitake is one of the more broadly used mushrooms throughout the world.
Maitake contains an impressive amount of polysaccharides, triterpenes and additional bioactive chemicals that are known to offer a wide range of health benefits. Research shows that its beta glucan content has immune supporting effects as well as anti-viral properties. The mushroom's bioactive polysaccharides support the body in helping to ward off pathogens - particularly useful when there's a cold going around at the office, or you're experiencing stress and have a weakened immune system. As a beneficial adaptogen, Maitake helps to promote natural balance and healthy stress response in the body. In another  study, Maitake has also been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, help reduce insulin and support weight management.
In lab research, scientists have found that maitake contains high levels of beta glucan. By spurring activity in immune cells, beta-glucan is thought to help combat cancer. Ongoing research with human cancer patients has shown that a specific portion of the maitake mushroom, called the 'MD-fraction,' can inhibit tumor growth. Maitake also enhances the activity of cells, thereby increasing the production of interleukins (immune cells) that are known to prevent cancer growth and can even protect the body against the negative effects of chemotherapy.

US lab-grown Maitake is mycelium grown on grain. Analysis has shown that US Maitake mycelium on grain has low levels of beta-glucan and very high levels of starch. We only uses 100% organic fruiting bodies which are rigorously tested and guaranteed for active compounds.

Beta (1-3),(1-6)-glucans Greater than 35%
Starch Less than 4.0%

Key Actions

Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, strengthens immune system, helps prevent and fight cancer, helps balance blood sugars and blood pressure, high in vitamins and minerals, aids weight loss and aids digestion.