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Raw Forest Foods Tongkat Ali Extract (Elevated with Eurycomanone Piperine) 120 Capsules

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Pure Malaysian Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules

Full Spectrum, True and Authentic Pure Tongkat Ali Extract—Elevated With Eurycomanone and Fortified With Piperine

Everything You Need To Know

  • Made with select, choice wild-harvested Eurycoma longifolia Jack—the only true, the only real Tongkat Ali;
  • Contains the strongest broad-spectrum Tongkat Ali Extract available for full potency, purity, and quality;
  • Fortified with the highly sought after isolated Eurycomanone (Std. to 1%), the main compound responsible for Tongkat Ali's pro-androgenic effects;
  • Tongkat Ali offers unparalleled support for healthy and high testosterone levels;
  • Elevated with Piperine, an extract of Black Pepper, which has shown to increase absorption of some herbs by almost 20x (2000%) and is an exercise mimetic;
  • Domestically produced in a NSF, GMP registered, certified organic facility. *

Who Is Tongkat Ali Right For?

Tongkat Ali is an ideal herb for men desiring to rebuild healthy testosterone levels which may be low due to aging or illness.

In short, Tongkat Ali is a powerful pro-androgenic herb used to promote healthy testosterone levels. Using Tongkat Ali (or any pro-androgenic herb) to heal low testosterone levels is not promoting hyper-masculinity. Instead—and in stark contrast—using Tongkat Ali is promoting healthy aging while living a long, fulfilled life.

Who Isn't Tongkat Ali Right For?

As a tonic and adaptogenic herb, the benefits of Tongkat Ali reveal themselves—become noticeable and apparent—when used consistently and over time.

Tongkat Ali does not supplement the body with testosterone; instead, it works with the body to increase its own (endogenous) testosterone production. And that takes time.

While Tongkat Ali is ideal for those in search of a natural way to promote health and wellness, Tongkat Ali is not right for those seeking a "quick-fix."

The Possible Benefits of Tongkat Ali Extract:

  • May support the body's own (endogenous) production of the male sex, androgenic hormones, including Testosterone;
  • May promote enhanced libido and desire;
  • In laboratory research, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) has demonstrated anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties, including beneficial actions against prostate cancer cells (let it be extremely clear, RAW Forest Foods is not claiming that Tongkat Ali—or any product—is a cure for cancer);
  • Aids in benefiting male reproductive health;
  • Traditionally used in Indonesia as an aphrodisiac and tonic herb, as well as a folk medicine for several tropical diseases. 

Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules

Real Customer Reviews of our Tongkat Ali 

"I've used many Tongkat Ali powders across the internet. This is top notch!!!" — Jeffrey
"I have tried others but they don't come even close to the strength of yours. At 49 years of age, I feel like a teenager again." — Todd

Key Benefits of Pure Malaysian Tongkat Ali

Today, ample research has been done into Tongkat Ali, shedding light on the long-standing traditional uses of the herb. Furthermore, this research has revealed even more potential uses for Tongkat Ali outside the realm of its ethnobotanical history.

Today, we find that the vast majority of attention into Tongkat Ali focuses on the following possible benefits and uses of the herb:

  • Promoting healthy (high) testosterone levels;
  • Promoting lean muscle mass, including physical strength and energy;
  • Promoting healthy stress responses (adaptogenic) and stress management;
  • Promoting blood flow;
  • Promoting cognitive function. 

As time passes, and as an increasing amount of research is done into Tongkat Ali, the plant continues to reveal itself.

Tongkat Ali is much more than an outstanding pro-androgenic herb, so much so that we believe the focus solely on Tongkat Ali's pro-androgenic properties is doing it a disservice.

The wide-ranging benefits is the exact reason why we are such promotors and proponents of using a broad, full-spectrum Tongkat Ali Extract.

By using a broad, full spectrum extract, like our 200:1 concentrated extract, all of the medicinal and therapeutic compounds present in Tongkat Ali are available. Now with that said, we are not blind to the fact that most people are using Tongkat Ali to raise their testosterone levels.

Eurycomanone and the Isolated Compounds Present in Tongkat Ali 

Several therapeutic quassinoid compounds have been isolated and identified in Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack). These quassinoids are known to possess a myriad of positive actions (benefits) in the body.

Research into the isolated quassinoids in Tongkat Ali both highlight the broad benefits of the herb (the possible anti-tumor, antiviral, antifeedant, antiamoebic, and anti-inflammatory properties) and highlight the pro-androgenic properties benefits of Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat Ali contains 65 isolated, known and identified compounds, including:

  • Beta-carboline alkaloids;
  • Eurycomalactone;
  • Eurycomanone;
  • Eurycomaoside. *

Does Tongkat Ali Increase Testosterone?


The major quassinoid present in Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is Eurycomanone. Research indicates Eurycomanone is what makes Tongkat Ali such a potent pro-androgenic herb.

In a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, researchers write that:

Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Simaroubaceae family), known locally as 'Tongkat Ali' by the ethnic population, is popularly taken as a traditional remedy to improve the male libido, sexual prowess, and fertility ... Eurycomanone, the highest concentrated quassinoid in the root extract of E. longifolia improved fertility by increasing testosterone and spermatogenesis of rats through the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, but the mechanisms underlying the effects are not totally clear.

The researchers conclude that:

Eurycomanone enhanced testosterone steroidogenesis at the Leydig cells by inhibiting aromatase conversion of testosterone to oestrogen, and at a high concentration may also involve phosphodiesterase inhibition. The quassinoid may be worthy for further development as a phytomedicine to treat testosterone-deficient idiopathic male infertility and sterility.

In short, the researchers found that the Eurycomanone present in Tongkat Ali increased testosterone levels and sperm production by stimulating the body's own endogenous production of testosterone by activating the HPA/HPG axis, and that Eurycomanone decreased the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (e2) by blocking the enzyme aromatase

This research indicated that Tongkat Ali has two separate pro-androgenic properties:

  1. Increasing testosterone production;
  2. Increasing levels of free (active) testosterone by blocking the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. *

It is hard to stress just how unique and important of a pro-androgenic herb this makes Tongkat Ali.    

What is True Tongkat Ali?

True, authentic Tongkat ali is known botanically as Eurycoma longifolia Jack, and it is one of the most interesting (and strongest) pro-androgenic herbs that we know of. However, there are two main issues facing the use of Tongkat Ali.


The first issue is that with Tongkat Ali's recent popularity, a large amount of amount of misunderstanding and misinformation has been promoted and has taken been presented as fact.

There are several different plants that are commonly referred to as Tongkat Ali, but only the yellow Eurycoma longifolia is true Tongkat Ali.

Research only validates the effectiveness of Eurycoma longifoloa Jack, although many seemingly reputable companies sell other types of "Tongkat Ali," such as "Red Tongkat Ali" and "Black Tongkat Ali." The issue is that neither of those are Tongkat Ali.

At RAW Forest Foods, we offer only true Eurycoma longifolia extract, either as a broad, full spectrum 200:1 concentrated extract or as our isolated Eurycomanone extract. 

The second issue is that Eurycomanone, the pro-androgenic compound present in Tongkat Ali, occurs in very low levels. In the unextracted root, the levels are too low to offer any effectiveness.

Concentration is of vital importance here.

With our Elevated Tongkat Ali Capsules, we go above and beyond in offering our customers unparalleled strength and potency by combining equal parts of our broad, full-spectrum Tongkat Ali Extract with isolated Eurycomanone. We when fortified the Tongkat Ali with Piperine to maximize its bio-availability.

So, while there are issues facing Tongkat Ali, we solved them.

What Are the Benefits of Piperine?

A full dose of Piperine is just 20 milligrams. That represents just 4% of the total ingredients in this product. Requiring such a small amount of Piperine enables us to greatly elevate our Tongkat Ali Extract without decreasing the amount of Tongkat Ali in the product.

Piperine is an isolated compound present in Black Pepper, botanically known as Piper nigrum. This is the same black pepper found in kitchens throughout the world, only here it is standardized to contain almost pure Piperine.

But what are the benefits of Piperine? Why do we include Piperine in our Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules (not to mention in our Pine Pollen Extract Capsules, Peak Performance Estrogen Detox, and more)?

Well, in research paper after research paper after research paper, Piperine has been shown to be an important herbal therapeutic in its own right. In a 2013 review published in Phytotherapy Research, scientists Meghwal and Goswami write that Piperine has the following properties:

  • Anti‐amoebic;
  • Anti‐asthmatic;
  • Anti‐carcinogenic;
  • Anti‐inflammatory;
  • Anti‐oxidant;
  • Anti‐ulcer;
  • Ahemoprevention;
  • Detoxification;
  • Enhancement of the absorption and bioavailability of herbal and conventional drugs;
  • Immunomodulatory. *

While the benefits of Piperine are far-reaching, we include Piperine in this product because of its ability to increase the "absorption and bioavailability of herbal ... drugs." That is, Piperine is an effective bioenhancer. Bioenhancers promote the absorption and bioavailability of other compounds. As an example, when combined with Tumeric Extract (Curcumin), Piperine can enhance the bioavailability of it by 2000%.

Piperine is an Exercise Memetic

In addition to the role of Piperine as a bioenhancer, Piperine is an exercise memetic. This means that Piperine mimics some of the benefits of exercise: A real plus-one for the RAW Forest Foods customer.

Even when not combined with any exercise, Piperine produces (that is, mimics) some of the beneficial metabolic changes that exercise does (as reported in the journal Nature). And when combined with exercise, the changes are even greater: increasing carbohydrate and fat metabolism.     

Where to Buy Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules?

RAW Forest Foods offers 120 count jars of Pure Malaysian, Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules. Each bottle contains 60 servings (2 capsules per serving). As with all of our products, we source our ingredients as close to the producers—farms and forests—as possible, visiting sites and meeting with growers, wild-harvesters, and processors.

RAW Forest Foods' Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules are lab-tested and verified for identity and contamination (see below for the Certificate of Analysis on this product).

Pure Malaysian Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules



To assist in supplementing and supporting performance and the endocrine system, thereby promoting holistic, full-body health—including reproductive and sexual health, wellness, vitality, and optimized aging. *


As a dietary supplement, adults take two (2) capsules daily, preferably on an empty stomach. As with all dietary supplements, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner prior to use.


Our favorite way to consume this product is with several ounces of water, taken on an empty stomach.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

CAUTION: do not exceed recommended dose.

Not for use by those under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are allergic or averse to any of the ingredients contained within.


As a Tonic and Adaptogenic herb, consistency and time are vital in receiving the full benefits of Tongkat Ali.

Tonics and Adaptogens are herbs (and other compounds) which work with the body to to produce change and to adaptation. In fact, the root word in “adaptogen” is adapt. This type of change—this type of adaptation—requires dedication, consistency, and time, but it is also the most profound and the most beneficial.

Before evaluating the effectiveness of any tonic or adaptogen, we advocate a trial of between four and six weeks of daily use.

Similar to exercise, while a single workout is good for you and will probably make you feel better, no real change will be seen without dedication, consistency, and time.

RAW Forest Foods offers a full 60 days refund policy on all products. This extended refund policy allows ample time for a customer to judge the effectiveness of tonic and adaptogenic herbs.

And as the saying goes, “Give yourself enough time to be successful.” And give Tongkat Ali enough time to be successful, too.


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Store at room temperature.


Herb cycling schedules can be beneficial when healing. If you prefer to rotate your pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on, and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off. 


Before beginning this or any new medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements (from our company or elsewhere) customers are advised to consult with their qualified healthcare practitioner. We make this advice not because we question the safety of our products, but because we understand both in the strength of our products and that plants have medicinal, therapeutic potential.

Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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