Spirit of Health Calcium Bentonite Clay

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Earth's Natural Clay Calcium Bentonite Clay

Restore yourself. Renew your digestive system. Alkalize your body. Mojave Pure by Earth's Natural Clay is 9.7 pH pure calcium bentonite swelling clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family which originates from weathered volcanic ash rich in trace minerals. Its powerful negative ionic molecules cleanse and purify the body by attracting impurities and toxins then allowing the digestive natural processes to help with elimination. Simultaneously the electromagnetic charge stimulates cellular revitalization and transformation. Pure calcium bentonite clay is on the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list. It's a innate, natural way to cleanse, feel lighter, healthier and stronger. Begin again.

Bentonite Clay Uses
Most people associate bentonite clay with face masks and body wraps. Drinking clay is becoming more popular as people are looking to more natural, time-tested remedies for common ailments. One of the most common bentonite clay uses is an intestinal detoxifier. Many people suffering with digestive issues including acid reflux, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies and leaky gut can benefit from drinking clay. Calcium bentonite clay is also used to clear up skin conditions including eczema. Skin is the backup system for the liver. When the liver is overtaxed, the skin takes on additional detoxification functions. It can get overwhelmed, evidenced by rashes, psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems. Drinking food grade bentonite clay cleans the gut of toxins, irritants, allergens, parasites and other noxious elements that the liver would ordinarily process. When the liver doesn’t have to work as hard, the skin doesn’t have to work overtime and skin conditions often resolve. This clay powder, Drinking Powder, is the same as Earth's Natural Clay bentonite clay for dogs and other animals, Animin. Calcium bentonite clay doesn’t know if it’s working in the gut of a child, an adult person or an animal. It just goes to work detoxifying the gut and restoring the body to homeostasis so it can heal itself.  

How Long Should You Use Clay?
Clay works best when used over a long period of time. Clay does not offer instant cures for ailments but rather assists the body to fight against toxic attacks. We live in a polluted world and the liver and kidneys are always working overtime. Clay helps them rest. Clay is not addictive; you can stop at any time without any type of withdrawals.


Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay.

Suggested Use

The easiest way to use bentonite clay internally is to mix up a batch. Add 1 part food grade bentonite clay to 8 parts clean, filtered water. Using a 32 ounce bottle, add 4 ounces of calcium bentonite clay powder to the bottle. Then fill the bottle with water. This will result in a quart of drinking clay that can be consumed daily. The clay will settle over time, so shake the bottle well.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.

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    Guess the taste

    Posted by Jesse Maynor on 12th Jan 2019

    We never know what the next batch will taste like. Once it was intensely garlicky. The latest bag tastes like dishes from the dishwasher that were not fully rinsed. I'm going back to the brand-name stuff. It always tastes the same *neutral* flavor.

  • 5
    So Beneficial

    Posted by Wendy Enyart on 13th Aug 2018

    I used this product on an infected toe I had from an ingrown toe nail. I applied it at night, wrapped in plastic and put a sock over top. All the infection was gone by morning and so was the pain I was having. It looked the best it had in days and I had zero trouble walking after that. Grateful for learning about this product. Definitely will keep using.

  • 5

    Posted by Cristina on 12th Apr 2018

    Excellent product thanks

  • 5
    Key for my health

    Posted by Jesse on 14th Dec 2016

    I give this five stars. I use clay to strip toxins from my system, and in making toothpaste. It works well for both. I use the bag to re-fill my Living Clay container. It makes for less trash in the long run, it avoids contact with metal (clay & metal don't like each other), and the resealable clay bags are useful for other items like snacks.

  • 5
    like it

    Posted by FredaM on 12th Sep 2016

    I like the product. didn't expect it to arrive in a plastic bag though. I have transferred it tom a jar. My son was coming down with a cold on Friday. I gave him a clay bath on Friday nite. He attended school today (mon)

  • 5
    GI lifesaver

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

    Use this clay to halt GI distress especially in my kiddos because it's tasteless and can be added to tea or juice Also use in my homemade remineralizing tooth powder

  • 5
    Works great in facial masks

    Posted by Unknown on 9th May 2014

    First time user of bentonite clay. I have only used it in facial masks so far, but works great! Gently removes dirt and excess oil. Can't wait to try it in other things, like toothpaste!

  • 5
    ONLY toothpaste my son will use!

    Posted by ellie on 30th Oct 2013

    My 4 year old son is very sensitive to tastes and textures. I have tried SOOOO many toothpastes and he is just unable to use them. He loves this because it tastes like NOTHING. I also use it on my face. Great product and great price.