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The Synergy Company PureNatal Organic Prenatal Vitamin 120 tablets

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As you prepare for your gift of new life, now is the time more than ever to care deeply about nourishing your body with pure, organic whole food nutrients.

Pregnancy is quite miraculous. Everything you give to your body, you’re ultimately giving to your baby. Healthy food, regular exercise, and the purest of supplements are all critical during this most vital time as your baby grows inside you.

Our Organic Prenatal has everything you want (and need!) for your body and your baby, and absolutely nothing you don’t want. Our organically grown vitamins and minerals are in whole food form and contain none of the synthetics, chemicals, and other harmful additives that you are likely to find in other prenatals. Delivered to your body like food, these special nutrients are deeply nourishing, easy on your tummy and so good for your baby.

No more searching high and low for the purest and best prenatal out there. This is it! You won’t find another whole food multivitamin that contains this many certified organic ingredients with so much concentrated nourishment for you and your baby. Now you can breathe easy knowing you are doing the very best for your baby!

Along with the joys of pregnancy come the symptoms you’d be happy to be without: nausea, headaches, constipation, heartburn—all potentially worsened by taking a typical, synthetic prenatal vitamin, which you’ve been told is very important to continue throughout your entire pregnancy. Good news for you: our Organic Prenatal offers a very real and nourishing solution with its gentle forms of organic, whole food nutrients that are so much easier to tolerate—in just two easy to swallow tablets twice a day.

Our organic sprout and berry blends provide additional compounds and antioxidants that can support and nourish you throughout your entire pregnancy. Made with certified organic whole foods, these blends are completely safe and like eating a heaping bowl of fresh, nutritious veggies and berries every single day. Our pure Synergized® ginger extract and red raspberry leaf extract add that extra special touch, giving you a helping hand as you make your way towards the healthy birth of your baby.

Our organically grown whole food vitamins and minerals serve as the backbone of our prenatal formula, complemented by a diverse selection of whole food cofactors found in organic berries and sprouts which offer support and nourishment throughout your entire pregnancy. Safe, gentle, and effective herbal allies like red raspberry leaf, the perfect pregnancy tonic, and ginger extract, well-established morning sickness aid, round out our nourishing formula that all moms-to-be will love.
Organic Vitamins and Minerals: Exclusively grown as organic whole foods, our vitamins and minerals are not isolated, synthesized or adulterated with harmful chemicals. They offer gentle, but effective nutrient absorption that isn’t hard on your tummy, especially during those rough days when taking your supplements is the last thing you want to do! Contains organic, whole food iron that is easy on your digestive system and 800 mcg of organic whole food folic acid. Plus, all our nutrients are grown in accordance with the USDA’s organic certification standards every single step along the way.

Organic Cruciferous Sprout Blend: Eat your broccoli! Or better yet, get all these same compounds from our unique and exclusive cruciferous sprout blend that is many times more potent than a serving of veggies. Our 100% tested, safe and certified organic sprouts offer a gentle way of supporting your body as it goes through the natural, but sometimes exasperating, ups and downs of pregnancy. Help your baby get off to a good start with eating their organic veggies!

Organic Synergized® Berry Power: A unique blend of 12 of the most prized and flavonoid-rich berries including wild blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry and pomegranate. The rich pigments that give berries their vibrant colors of purple, blue, red, and pink are equally good for you and your growing bundle of joy. Give your body and baby an added boost of health-promoting vitamin C and antioxidants.
Organic Synergized® Ginger Extract: We searched the world to create the purest and most effective organic ginger extract possible. A Synergy exclusive, our organic ginger extract is processed in France just for you, ”our” pregnant moms. Our ginger is pure, organic, concentrated and created without any harmful solvents and is completely free of all chemical additives--so you can take advantage of the tummy calming benefits of this time-honored plant without concern over purity and safety.

Organic Synergized® Red Raspberry Leaf Extract: Safely used in many traditions around the world to tone the uterus and prepare for a healthy birth process, our red raspberry leaf is organic and rich in vitamin C and an array of nourishing vitamins and minerals. Red raspberry leaf is a classic tonic herb for moms to be and is believed to support all aspects of a healthy pregnancy.


Prenatal Ingredients

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  • 5
    Best out there

    Posted by Rose on 26th Oct 2020

    I love these prenatal the best ingredients I can read every one no colors or anything obnoxious makes me feel good with good energy I loveee Spirit of health <3

  • 5
    Best Prenatal!

    Posted by Brandi on 6th Jun 2019

    Switched to this prenatal with my third pregnancy and haven’t looked back (currently pregnant with #6). No longer need to take extra iron supplements and can feel the difference when I forget to take my vitamins. Great value for your money!

  • 5
    My wife loves these!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2017

    My wife isn't pregnant anymore but is still nursing our 10 month old son. After she switched to these prenatal vitamins she felt a difference immediately more energy and feeling better overall during feedings. I would highly recommend these to any woman that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • 5
    Great Prenatal!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2017

    I wanted to find a prenatal that did not make me nauseous and one that had folate instead of folic acid. Luckily I found these and have loved them so far! I take Pure Synergy along with Inner Vitality Minerals each day and I do not feel depleted like I did before I started taking them. I would definitely recommend both of these products to any pregnant women who is concerned about getting adequate vitamins and minerals to support both herself and her growing baby.

  • 5
    awesome prenatal vitamins

    Posted by Katerina Vojtechova on 21st Jul 2015

    I used these vitamins my whole pregnancy and I am still using them while breastfeeding. They never made me feel nauseous like some other ones do. I was looking for organic prenatal vitamins and have loved these and the price is great too.

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