10 Day Colon Cleanse Package

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10 Day Colon Cleanse Package

What's Included

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*Abby H.

Hello!! Awhile back I ordered a 10 day colon cleanse and all I can say is THANK YOU!!! Thank you for knowing what God has made and how it can help me in my quest for health!! I have struggled with Acid Reflux for almost 10 years…on and off of meds…that did NOT work. After this cleanse I can 100% say my acid reflux is GONE and what foods I was “sensitive” to I am no longer!! I am also Medication free!! 

Prior to the cleanse, I even had a CT Scan on my stomach because I thought sure enough I had a tumor on my pyloric valve..Praise God I did not have a tumor. Now, I no longer have pain in my gut from that valve. Seriously AMAZING and my life is forever changed because of your knowledge and understanding of how God has created us and the cures that are all around us!! God is Good!!! I will forever recommend this cleanse and company to ALL the people who have seen a healthy change in me!!! And yes I’m keeping up on maintenance too!! I wanted to share this with you because during this crazy time some encouraging and uplifting words can go a long ways! Thank you! You ALL rock!!!!