10-Day Colon Cleanse Package

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10-Day Colon Cleanse Package

What we eat and how we care for our intestinal tract ultimately determines our health. Our intestinal tract is how we get nutrients delivered to our entire body and how waste is eliminated. A clogged and congested colon can no longer digest and deliver nutrients to the body, and waste starts to accumulate and back up in the body; This can begin the process of sickness, and that's why the colon is a great place to start with cleansing.

What's Included

1 - Yerba Prima Great Plains Liquid Bentonite Clay (32 lf oz)
1 - Flora Organic Red Beet Crystals (7 oz)
1 - Spirit of Health Chlorella Powder (8 oz)
1 - Spirit of Health GI Restore Tea (16 oz)
1 - Spirit of Health Psyllium Husk Powder (16 oz)
1 - Spirit of Health Beyond Vitamin C Powder (4 oz)
1 - Dr. Morse's GI Renew™ #2 (Mild-2) Capsules (90 caps)
1 - Arthur Andrew Medical Devigest ADS® (90 caps)

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