GI Restore Tea

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Spirit of Health GI Restore Tea

These herbs are wonderful for healing a damaged intestinal lining. Mucilaginous herbs, like slippery elm and marshmallow root, soothe, coat, and heal damage from ulcers or an over-acid stomach. Take this tea daily for leaky gut, acid reflux, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, or severe lower bowel conditions. If your GI tract needs healing, this is the tea to drink every day.


Fennel seeds, ginger root, marshmallow root, licorice root and slippery elm.

Using organic or wildcrafted herbs only.

Suggested Use

Soak 2 Tbsp of the tea in 2 cups of water overnight. The next morning bring the mixture to a boil and then strain it.

Drink a few sips at a time hot in 6 to 8 portions throughout the day. A thermos works well. Repeat each day.