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Liver Support Powder

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Liver Support Powder

We are incredibly excited about this liver formula! Along with well-known traditional liver herbs like milk thistle and dandelion, this unique blend is loaded with medicinal mushrooms reishi, turkey tail and maitake. These mushrooms have the special ability to cleanse the liver, protect it from toxins and boost the immune system. In powder form, it is easy to get a strong medicinal dosage at 1 teaspoon 2x daily or more.


-Using all organic or wildcrafted herbs only

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seed, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Yellowdock Root, Oregon Grape Root, Reishi Mushroom 1:1 Extract, Schisandra Berry, Turkey Tail Mushroom Fruiting Body 1:1 Extract, Maitake Mushroom Fruiting Body 1:1 Extract and Turmeric Root