Metal Cleanse Package


Heavy Metals have caused countless suffering in the lives of millions of people.  Many people learn this and begin the process to cleanse the body of these damaging compounds.  Sadly, millions more suffer and never learn the reason for their sickness.  People suffer for years with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Fibromylagia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson's, Neuropathy, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism, and any number of other named diseases.  Heavy metals are often the reason, yet most of the medical community is blinded to this reality and rarely is it tested for or even considered.  

We have been poisoned through tap water, mercury (silver) amalgam fillings, cigarettes, diesel and other fuels, paints, tattoos, perfumes, cosmetics, pots and pans, vaccines, cleaning supplies and the list goes on.  We are putting metals in the body unknowingly through foods, deodorants, makeup and jewelry, while our medical industry intentionally puts metals in our body through vaccines, dental work, titanium rods, steel plates and other procedures. 


Heavy metals can cause candida, yeast and fungal overgrowths in the body, mental disturbances, nerve pain, restless legs, chronic fatigue, and emotional imbalances.  Many people think their children have mental or emotional issues, but the reality is their little bodies are poisoned and not functioning the way God design them to.  This goes for adults also.  Heavy Metals interfere with cellular function, which means they affect mineral levels, neurotransmitter function, hormones and literally every function of the human body.  They need to be removed!  

***This cleanse is a gentle and mild cleanse.  There is a slow version over three months.  There is also a more accelerated version that is complete in only one month.  It is ideal to get tested and have a heavy metal cleanse designed for you!  There are stronger chelating (binding) agents that can be used for heavy metals, but they are not included in this cleanse for safety purposes.  Plr needs.***

 ease call Spirit of Health to get tested and have a cleanse designed for you.  For example, your personalized cleanse might include higher dosages of minerals specific to you 


 MUST READ Keys to Success for Heavy Metal Cleansing 

1)  Get tested!  Quicksilver Scientific is the leader in the mercury tri-test which checks blood, urine and hair.  Their testing also checks other heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and more.  In addition, it shows healthy minerals levels such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, etc and if anyone is deficient in these minerals, they cannot detox properly.  Spirit of Health offers this testing service by calling our office at 816-492-5648. 

2)  Remove ALL metal from your body!  You can get tested and do a heavy metal detox even if you still have silver (mercury) amalgam fillings, but it is not ideal.  If you have a titanium rod in your back, or steel plate in your head, you probably can't remove it!  However, do everything you can to clean up tattoos and remove ALL metal from mouth including fillings, bridges, crowns, wires, etc.  After a month of getting the metals out of your mouth, get tested for metals! 

3)  Get metal out of your world as much as possible.  Change cookware, avoid commercial deodorant, get natural makeup, avoid pesticides and herbicides, stop smoking, don't get vaccines or give them to your children, avoid tattoos, check guidelines for low mercury fish, use clean paints and building materials, etc. 

4)  GO SLOW!  This is of paramount importance.  Removing heavy metals is serious business.  This cleanse is designed to be mild, but still pay attention to symptoms of detoxification.  This could be cold/flu type symptoms, runny nose, mucus, fatigue, headaches, etc.  Always DECREASE dosages as necessary. 

5)  Do less for children.  This cleanse is design for anyone 12+ years.  Children should do half dosages or even less of under 5 years of age.  

6)  Safe and gentle.  This cleanse is designed to remove metals out via the bowels, not the kidneys.  This is a safer approach for the general public.  

Supplies needed:

Metal-Free by Body Health - WHY?  This is your main heavy metal detoxifier.  This brilliant formula works to remove metals trapped in the body, chelate (bind) them and remove them via the bowels.  

Multi-Mins by Botics Research - WHY?  Minerals are crucial to detoxification.  This supplies plant sources of zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper, which are all important for detox. 

Clearway Cofactors by Quicksilver Scientific - WHY?  This formula has a blend of B-Vitamins and Herbs that open up the detoxification pathways of the body.  

GI Broom - WHY?  Because the metals are removed via the bowels, this formula provides herbs to move the bowels, but also fibers, clay and charcoal which act as additional binding agents to move the metals out through your stools.

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