Ovul Health Herbal Rejuvenation Pearls

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Ovul Health Herbal Rejuvenation Pearls (2 Pack)

These pearls have been infused with a decoction of medicinal herbs containing active ingredients that work directly on the tissues around the pelvic organs.  Women using the pearls may experience less stress and less physical strain in the body as well as possible increased sex drive.  The herbal pearls are relatively safer to use because of the natural ingredients that are included in the mix.  

Key Benefits

  • helps reduce the inflammation and increase the healing of the fallopian tubes
  • helps soften and break up adhesions areas of scar tissue
  • helps with balancing of progesterone and estrogen to stabilized mood
  • helps the regulation of menstruation and ovulation


Borneol, pseudo-ginseng (ginseng), ligusticum wallichii, frankincense, myrrh, the root of red-rooted salvia, safflower, peach kernel, polygonum caspidatum, root bark of peony tree, radices saussureae, Lignum santali albi. 

Avoid using Pearls if you are allergic to any ingredients listed above

Suggested Use

Thoroughly wash your hands and open the pouch containing one pearl.  Unravel the string of the pearl.  Lay on your back and insert the pearl as far up as possible.  Remove 24-48 hours later.  Clean vagina with warm water.  Please wait 24 hours before inserting the second pearl.  Leave the 2nd pearl in for 2 days.


  • If you are expecting your period, wait at least 5 days after your period ends before using pearls.
  • Do not use pearls during menstruation, or if you are pregnant or if you are a virgin.  
  • Do not ingest pearls.
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse during usage. In case you wish to have sexual intercourse, you must remove the pearl, thoroughly rinse your vagina and wait 3 hours prior to having intercourse. 
  • If you encounter any stinging or itching on your first pearl that is normal just take the pearl out and insert it back into the vagina, when the symptoms disappear.
  • After sexual intercourse you may use 1 pearl to eliminate the risk of bacterial infection.
  • You may use after swimming in a pool.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.