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Prime Health Products Curcuma (8 fl oz)

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Traditionally used to "invigorate the blood", which is another way of saying that it improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can help with numerous health issues such as depression, sleep problems, and general energy level. Curcuma is also used to help with bruises and blood clots. During the liver/gallbladder flush, it is used to "energize" the liver/gallbladder.

Ingredients: Curcuma, Bupleurum

Area of Effect: Liver, Gallbladder, Heart, Lungs

Directions: 1 tablespoon (about 15 mL) once daily on an empty stomach before bedtime.

The primary ingredient of Curcuma is Yu Jin, also known as Curcumae Radix. This is the root (radix) of the Curcumae plant, which is widely known because its stem (the rhizome) is also known as Turmeric: a common food spice. According to medical research, the active constituents of yu jin are a family of chemicals known as curcuminoids, which appear to have anti-inflammatory effects[1]. Some research suggests it may also have other effects. In Chinese medicine, it is known for increasing "energy flow" and blood circulation, and it is also said to be good for the heart and gallbladder[2]. It is said to eliminate jaundice in the gallbladder. For the gallbladder flush, Curcuma is used to increase energy flow in the liver and gallbladder, to increase the effectiveness of the flush.

The secondary ingredient of Curcuma is Bupleurum, also known as Chai Hu or Bupleuri Radix. The literal English translation of the name is "Twigs of the Barbarians". According to medical research[1], this herb may stimulate immune system function. In Chinese medicine, it is used to treat flu and fever, and is said to decongest the liver, so it is often used to treat womens' problems such as irregular menstruation[3].


  • Avoid use during pregnancy or lactation.


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