Schisandra Berry Powder - Organic

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Schizandra Powder, (Schisandra chinensis)

“Five Flavor” Tonic Boosts Stamina & Vitality

  • Boosts energy & endurance
  • Promotes healthy liver function
  • Anti-stress tonic

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Schizandra berry is known as Wu Wei Zi or “five-flavor fruit” because it tastes sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty, all at the same time. The popular anti-stress tonic boosts physical stamina, sexual energy, and is a potent liver protector.

Schizandra is a superior adaptogen - it helps your body adapt & cope with physical and mental stress, and generally strengthens major body functions. It has the unique ability to gently energize AND calm at the same time – depending on your body’s needs.

Reap the feel-good benefits of this 2,000 year-old tonic for yourself! Brew the tea or just infuse the dried berries in fruit juice.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Gomishi, Omicha, Wu Wei Zi.