Wild Flowers Organics Loose Leaf Tea - Lavender Earl Grey

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Wild Flowers Organics Loose Leaf Tea - Lavender Earl Grey (4 oz)

Wild Flower Organics is your haven for premium, organic, and artisan loose-leaf tea blends.

Wild Flower Organics extends love to you, curating handcrafted teas that blend the best ingredients for your enjoyment. Delight in the harmony of flavors and the goodness of nature's bounty in every sip. Join us on this tea-filled adventure and elevate your tea ritual with our thoughtfully curated collection.

Wild Flowers Organics' Lavender Earl Grey is perfect for a rainy day. This tea is a bergamot-infused black tea, with floral notes from Lavender. Although delicious by itself it's also great partnered with your cream of choice.

Key Benefits

  • Type of Tea: Black Tea
  • floral, citrus
  • Organic Ingredients


Earl Grey, Lavender, Bergamot Essential Oil

Suggested Use

Use one (1) teaspoon for every 8 ounces (1 cup) of hot water.

*Please note label/packaging may vary.

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