Your Lawn & GardenPRO Biotics

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Your Lawn & GardenPRO Biotics (17 oz)

Expansive Coverage - One application covers over 5,000 square feet (the average size of most lawns).

Color Enhancing - Instantly improves the color of your lawn and works within hours of applying.

Long-Lasting - Activated when adding water, Your Lawn & GardenPRO has a long shelf life, so use it every season.

Probiotic - Organic probiotic composition is more effective than traditional chemical fertilizers and is 100% child/pet safe.


Your Lawn & GardenPRO Biotics have been laboratory tested at six universities regarding pathogens, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals, and they passed the tests with flying colors! YLGPro came out on top every time it was tested side by side against other products! This was tested with mass spectrometry, which measures the contents of solutions.


When applied, the crops include much higher BRIX (sugar) and chlorophyll measurements, yielding a higher weight but the same size as other crops using synthetic fertilizers. This means they are more nutrient dense and thus healthier to eat!

After a season of use, the roots are expected to grow deeper and deeper down to about 13 inches and choke out the weeds naturally.  You can mix it with weed killer, about half of the normal.  2nd year is 1/4 of the normal, after which you need to mix anymore.

It was a fermented liquid before it was dried with pressure.  Like all fermented liquids, it will improve with age, but YourBiotics must mention a 2-year shelf life per label laws.  Keep it indoors in a cupboard and zip lock it.  If it is dry, it will last a long time!


The ARCHAEA appears to work best as a team, in numbers, to assist our soil in handling pathogens and detoxifying the environment from toxins. We use amino acids for plant health, so this is a single solution to manage all plant and soil needs. Archaea also assists plants and soil in handling whatever Abiotic or Chemical stress it is dealing with. Abiotic stress is those things like pH levels, radiation levels, sunlight levels, hydration, etc.


YLGPro utilizes a revolutionary pressure drying process to power a combination of complex groups of bacteria, fungi, enzymes, amino acids, humic/fulvic acids, and especially a newly classified form of life called archaea microbes.

YLGPro includes tens of thousands of different strains of micro-organisms along with essential plant and soil nutrients, allowing Mother Nature to take what it needs and discard the rest.

YLGPro is made in the USA and from all NON-GMO, Organic sources.

YLGPro is SAFE for your kids, your pets, and your farm animals; for the lakes, streams, and canals!

YLGPro has nearly 40 years of Agriculture Science behind it, combined with 26 years of Healthcare Science.


  • Raises the Brix level of fruits and vegetables, which enhances overall cell production
  • Utilizes a revolutionary pressure drying process to power a combination of complex groups of bacteria, fungi, enzymes, amino acids, humic/fulvic acids, and especially a newly classified form of life called archaea microbes
  • Includes tens of thousands of different strains of micro-organisms along with essential plant and soil nutrients, allowing Mother Nature to take what it needs and discard the rest

Key Benefits

  • Ingredients Are 100% Natural

  • Works in hours after applying! Instantly makes colors pop
  • Environmentally friendly: Application is safe for all kids and pets
  • All-In-One System: Works for all landscaping needs including grass, flowers, and garden
  • Naturally resists all pests and weeds from growing


Organic Probiotic Blend

Allergy Information: Organic, NON-GMO

Suggested Use

Your Lawn & GardenPRO Biotics is super concentrated, so a little powder goes a long way.

Apply 3.4 ounces per acre. Mix in water and spray evenly.

For small areas such as garden beds (500 Sq ft or less), add a scoop of YLGPro into 1 gallon of water & distribute evenly until you achieve a healthy drench coating the leaves & branches of plants/trees/shrubs and roots. This creates a protective layer that fights off invaders.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.