Genesis 1:29 Superfood Trail Mix

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Genesis 1:29 Superfood Trail Mix (Formerly Raw Organic Superfood Trail Mix)


Our raw, organic trail mix consistently gets rave reviews. It’s not only a blend of some of the healthiest nuts, seeds and berries on the planet, but it tastes amazing too! Could it be the golden berries, the delicious hunza raisins, glorious mulberries or the cacao nibs that make it so delicious? Yes! It’s just the perfect blend of everything awesome.


-Using Organic or Wildcrafted herbs only

Ingredients: Raw organic sprouted almonds, raw organic cashews, raw organic pumpkin seeds, raw organic goji berries, raw organic mulberries, raw organic golden berries, raw organic hunza raisins, raw organic coconut ribbons and raw organic cacao nibs