Ginkgo Leaf Cut - Wildcrafted

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Ginkgo Leaves, Cut (Ginkgo biloba)

Clear The Mental Fog & Energize Brain Function

  • Supports memory
  • Cognitive function
  • Circulatory support

Every minute your brain performs hundreds of demanding and complex tasks. Keep it energized and nourished with Ginkgo. Join the smart crowd who take Gingko everyday to boost memory, focus and mental performance.

The herbal brain food is also a well-known anti-aging longevity tonic and herbal circulatory enhancer. Find this ancient leaf in our Nature’s Wonderland Circu-Assist, Kid’s Attention Plus, Mental Alertness, and Mental Master formulas. 

ALSO KNOWN AS: Fossil Tree, Maidenhair Tree, Pai Kuo, Yin Hsing.