Liver Detox I Tea

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Liver Detox I Tea (Formerly Gentle Liver Cleanse Tea)

This is a very gentle tea designed for general liver detox for all men, women and children. This formula was designed with safety in mind, even safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. These herbs cleanse and nourish the liver, while providing a nice supply of natural plant-based iron. For a stronger liver detox, try our Liver Detox II Tea.


-Using organic or wildcrafted herbs only

Instructions:Soak 2 TBSP of the tea in 2 cups of water overnight.

The next morning bring the mixture to a boil and then strain it.

Drink a few sips at a time hot in 6 to 8
portions throughout the day. A thermos works well.

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seeds, Nettle Leaf, Cut, Turmeric Root Cut, Schisandra Berry Whole, Yellowdock Root Cut