Liver Detox II Tea

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Liver Detox II Tea (Liver Detox Tea)

This tea is packed full of powerful herbs for cleansing and assisting the liver at removing toxins and waste. It is blended with herbs that help regenerate liver function as well. Adding a berberine herb, like Oregon grape root, gives a potent bitter component that stimulates bile flow and even helps remove unwanted infectious guests.

*Note: This is a stronger liver detox tea than our Liver Detox I Tea, therefore, not for pregnant or nursing moms.


-Using organic or wildcrafted herbs only

Instructions: Use 3 Tbsp for 2 cups of tea. Bring water to a boil and add the tea. Keep the tea at a low rolling boil for 5-7 minutes (or longer) then steep for an additional 7-10 min. Drink a few sips at a time hot or warm in 6 to 8

portions throughout the day. A thermos works well.

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seeds, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Yellowdock Root, Oregon Grape Root, Schisandra Berry, Nettle Leaf and Turmeric Root