Men's Vitality Powder

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Men's Vitality Powder (Formerly Men's Health & Vitality Blend Powder)

All men could use a boost in energy, vitality and hormone health. The herbs in this formula help with testosterone and other androgynous (male) hormone production. In addition to hormones, this formula boosts energy, increases mental clarity, boosts libido (sexual function) and contains prostate support, making it a complete package for men’s health.

-Using all organic or wildcrafted herbs only

Ingredients: Maca Root Powder (black), Ashwagandha Root, Fo-Ti Root (He Shou Wu), Tribulus Fruit, Damiana Leaf, Red Chinese Panax Ginseng Root, Saw Palmetto Berry, Epimedium Leaf (horny goat weed), Pine Pollen, Cistanche Root Extract and Shilajit