Miracle II Neutralizer Gel

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Miracle II Neutralizer Gel (8 fl oz)

Miracle II’s Neutralizer in gel form!

Formulated for those areas where you would like to maintain a high level of Neutralizer over an extended period of time; or something compact and portable. It is an incredible hygiene product used externally or for cleaning your teeth. This product is a colorless, tasteless, mild sud-less soapy gel that dries quickly and is non-sticky. Compare this gel with Aloe Vera, and you will be astounded.

“Nature’s Miracle for the Total Body.” The all-natural God-given blend of organic ingredients has Miracle II customers around the globe singing its praises! Forget the harsh and dangerous causing chemicals and toxins found in most body and hair gels.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel can soothe your skin while protecting it from the irritation often associated with shaving and other skin irruptions. It’s an excellent soother for sunburns, and it’s known for providing your complexion with an energizing fresh glow of radiant health. A wonderful hair gel and detangler, it also helps keep mosquitoes at bay and serves perfectly as a healthy carrier for essential oil applications.

The most complex mixture of natural minerals and organics that has ever been blended together!

Key Benefits

  • Soothes the skin
  • Helps protect the skin from irritation
  • Naturally concentrated and decontaminating


Energized stabilized oxygenated water, ash of Dedecyl solution, calcium, potassium, magnesium, (Carbopol) 940

Allergy Information: No preservatives added

Suggested Use

Apply it to minor cuts, rashes, skin irritations, and wounds to keep the affected area clean. For added benefits, use after washing with Miracle II Soap
Brushing Teeth: Apply Neutralizer Gel on the toothbrush, brush, rinse, and spit out.
Facial Treatment: Use Miracle II Neutralizer Gel every night over the face, along with the Miracle II Skin Moisturizer.
Setting Gel: Use the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel as a setting mousse after shampooing and/or combing hair.

The approximate shelf life is 9 to 12 months. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.