Mother Earth Labs GI UltraMAX Pro

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Mother Earth Labs GI UltraMAX Pro (60 servings)

GI Health affects your whole body, so give your GI tract the best support available with GI UltraMAX Pro!

Your GI tract does more than simply digest your foods. It’s on the front line of your immune defense as a barrier working to prevent pathogens from being absorbed into your bloodstream. It plays an essential role in your natural detoxification process. It’s home to hormone-producing bacteria that affect your moods, cravings, and metabolism. Don’t you think it deserves the best support possible?

Extensive professional-strength support targeting multiple areas of GI health.

Key Benefits

  • Name-Brand Ingredients with extensive scientific data behind them because it’s time you had a product that really works
  • Highly Effective Prebiotic Fibers to help your friendly gut bacteria grow, diversify, and thrive
  • Hand-Picked Probiotics to help reintroduce and support healthy bacterial diversity
  • Full-Spectrum Digestive Enzymes to help you get the most out of every bite
  • Extensive Immune Support ingredients to help strengthen GI immune defense


Other Ingredients: Natural Fruit Flavors, Vanilla and Stevia Leaf Sweetener

Allergy Information: Gluten-Free and Non-GMO.  GI UltraMAX Pro does have an immune-supporting mushroom blend that should be avoided by individuals with mushroom allergies. Colostrum is a pre-milk product meaning it is produced by mothers prior to milk production. While colostrum does have a very small amount of lactose compared to milk (about 60mg of lactose for 1 gram of colostrum), it does have the same amount of casein as regular milk. We suggest anyone with a mushroom, lactose, or casein allergy to discuss this product with their healthcare provider before use.

Suggested Use

Our bodies heal most efficiently when we are sleeping.  Therefore, it is best to take this product between dinner and bedtime (or roughly 2 hours before bedtime).  It mixes best in a shaker bottle but can be stirred if necessary.  Add 1 scoop to 4 oz of liquid and shake (best) or stir well. Drink quickly as the fibers will thicken.  Always follow with an additional 6-8 ounces of pure water.  Additional servings may be taken if necessary as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dark place.

Precautions: Keep out of the Reach of Children.  Do not take if Pregnant or Nursing unless directed by your Healthcare Provider.  Maintain proper hydration while taking this product.  Reduce serving size and increase water intake if constipation occurs.  Please consult with your healthcare provider before using any dietary supplement, or if you are being treated for any medical condition, especially any GI or Digestive condition. Do not take if you may be allergic to any of the ingredients.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.