North American Herb & Spice Canacurmin Drops

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North American Herb & Spice Canacurmin Drops (2 fl oz)

Canacurmin is an ultra-potent combination of wild hemp extract plus wild & raw organic turmeric extract. It’s a five-in-one complex, as it is also enhanced with ginger, wild oregano, and wild rosemary extracts, all in an emulsified form. Plus, there is no absorption issue with Canacurmin, so it is 100% utilized. Nothing is more potent for supporting a healthy inflammation response than Canacurmin.

North American Herb & Spice's Canacurmin features ginger, hemp, and turmeric. The naturally occurring and potent ginger flavonoids that are responsible for ginger's powerful health benefits for the stomach, intestines, and joint system. Hemp, the top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene. CB2 Receptor activator and P73 Fortified. The CO2 extract captures all the key ingredients, including the full spectrum of cannabinoids and the all-important, super-potent terpene, beta caryophyllene. Supports healthy overall wellness through increased naturally-occurring Beta caryophyllene, a potent support for all body functions. Turmeric, made exclusively from the wild-growing spice thriving without farming or cultivation, free of all pesticides and herbicides. Source of turmerones and polysaccharides, boosing immunity.

Key Benefits

  • Supports healthy anti-inflammatory response, and whole body nervous system response
  • Joint, muscle, and nerve supporting formula
  • Good source of phenolic compounds, plant sterols, and polyphenols


Raw, CO2-extracted wild turmeric, organic turmeric resin, organic, raw turmeric powder (85%), organic, raw yacon syrup, hemp stalk CO2 extract, mycellized wild, organic Oreganol P73, wild, organic rosemary oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic ginger oleoresin, cinnamon oil, organic cold-pressed sesame oil, spring water.

Suggested Use

Take 10 drops under the tongue or in juice/water twice daily. Shake well before use. May stain clothing.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.