North American Herb & Spice Purely-C

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North American Herb & Spice Purely-C (90 caps)

Purely-C is a whole food, multiple-source vitamin C complex. Compared to most others made from genetically engineered corn, Purely-C contains wild fruit complexes, including Peruvian Amazon camu camu and wild Mediterranean Rhus coriaria. Only 100% wild, handpicked camu camu berries are used, gathered from along the banks of the Amazon River. An exceptionally rich source of vitamin C with up to 50 times higher density than oranges, this camu camu is a naturally buffered, whole food source of vitamin C and also is rich in bioflavonoids, which aid in vitamin C's bioavailability. Purely-C is also made with remote sourced rose hips and wild berries. Wild berries are powerhouses for supporting a healthy overall cellular health response and also a healthy detoxification response. To make the extracts each berry must be sourced in the wild and carefully handpicked and then extracted. The extracts support a healthy digestion, immune system, kidney cleansing response, and intracellular detox. Purely-C provides 150% of the daily requirement for vitamin C in a whole food bioavailable form.


Camu camu berries, Acerola cherry, Rhus coriaria powder, and rose hip powder.

Suggested Use

Take three capsules daily with meals. Open capsules and mix with food or juice. A fantastic addition to smoothies.

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