Spartan Pre-Workout Maximizer

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Spartan Pre-Workout Maximizer


This is a formula we are very proud of and for a good reason. These are herbs athletes have been using for decades for strength, stamina and endurance. This formula addresses all the needs for athletes during a workout or anyone pushing their body hard. It increases energy production down to the cellular level by boosting ATP production, as well as increasing blood flow, oxygen uptake/utilization and mental focus. It can also be used in the morning in place of coffee for a healthy jump start to the day and a true energy boost. From beginners to advanced athletes, this formula will help everyone.



Premium Raw Maca Blend (Yellow and Black), Matcha Green Tea, Beet Juiced Crystals, Cordyceps Mushroom Blend (Sinensis and Militaris Fruiting Body and Mycelium), Rhodiola Root, Red Chinese Panax Ginseng Root, Shilajit and Cistanche Root 10:1 Extract

All ingredients are either Certified Organic or Wildcrafted, and always fresh and of the highest quality!

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    Price is great, gives mental and physical energy.

    Posted by Manuel on 8th Mar 2018

    Great Stuff

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    Quality Pre-Workout Supplement

    Posted by Kristin on 29th Jun 2017

    In the last couple years, I've really tried to "clean up" my pre-workout supplements and now I'm trying to eliminate caffeine which is making for a more narrow, almost non existent, product search. I workout early in the morning and generally 7 days a week, so I want to be sure what I'm putting in my body is GOOD for me long term, not just to get me through my workout. The Spartan mix is quality for sure and it is "just enough" to help me get through a 60-90 minute moderate to intense workout. (i.e. 5-10 miles running or a 60 minutes Tabata/HIIT session) I do miss the "jump" from a little caffeine in my old pre but honestly, I don't feel deprived while I'm working out with this stuff. As far as taste, just choke it down. I mix with like 6oz of water and sometimes add a tiny scoop of my post workout just to help with taste. It wouldn't be bad if you added it to a smoothie or a little fruit juice but I don't drink/eat anything else before a workout. Overall, I recommend the product. I intend to keep using it. Hope this helps!