Sport Berkey Water Bottle

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Sport Berkey Water Bottle (22 fl oz)

**Not available for sale in California or Iowa**Cannot be shipped to California or Iowa**

The 22 fl oz Sport Berkey Portable Water bottle is the ideal choice for a personal traveling companion - featuring Berkey's exclusive Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration Technology. The theory behind this innovation is simple. The Sport bottle's filter is designed to reduce or remove many harmful contaminants from questionable sources of water, including remote streams, lakes, stagnant ponds, and sub-standard water supplies in foreign countries where regulations are non-existent or not enforced. This superior technology used in the Sport Berkey portable water filter was developed, refined, and improved through investigative laboratory testing and field research. The Berkey team of water filter experts, field engineers, and research specialists have developed this purification process over countless hours of testing and research. The media contained in the water filtering element removes contaminants by the surface phenomenon known as "adsorption" which results from the molecular attraction of molecules to the surface of the media.

Suggested Use

Pour water into the Sport Berkey and securely tighten the cap to eliminate leaks. Pull down the loop on the lid to extend the straw and squeeze the bottle. This will force water through the filter and the straw. Empty as much of the bottle as possible. Repeat this process two times. This process flushes manufacturing dust from the filter. After two flushes, rinse the bottle and cap. Your water bottle is now ready for use!

Refill Capacity: Water From Questionable Source: 160 Refills (25 gallons). Municipal Water supply: 640 Refills (100 Gallons).

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.



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