Starwest Spoon Bombilla Straw, Stainless Steel

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Starwest Spoon Bombilla Straw, Stainless Steel (6.25" L)

This stainless steel spoon bombilla straw is a type of filtering straw used to properly drink Yerba Maté tea from a gourd, as is traditionally done throughout South America. The bombilla acts as both a straw and a sieve, and is made to both filter sediment and to drink Yerba Maté tea. Of course, whether you drink your Yerba Maté from a gourd or some other vessel, this handy tool makes it far more enjoyable!


Stainless Steel.

Suggested Use

Perfect to use with Yerba Mate Tea, Mate Gourd, and any herbal decoction. Can also be used in another vessel.

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